Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Go! Accuquilt is being given away. Can you believe how generous all of these quilters and Accuquilt Go! has been? It's not too late to sign up for this one on a quilting life. Go over and check out Sherry's blog. She has many other goodies and great eye candy throughout her blog too.

Good luck, but I seriously hope I win. This would be heaven sent.

I did finish making the backing for my Alien Invasion quilt too. After it's quilted, I'll post a picture and calculate how much fabric I used. After making several attempts on facial features, I came up with this one.

I think it fits him nicely, this lop-sided quirky smile. This makes him not so frightening. I'm not sure who will get this quilt yet. My daughter saw it the other night and thought it was real cute, so perhaps it'll go to her youngest son who will be 2 in December. Time will tell.

I also slept really well several nights ago and came up with "the perfect plan" for the backing for my Patience Corners King size quilt that is also waiting to be assembled. I was able to do some calculations to figure out how best to proceed and think it should be rather smooth going. I might actually try to machine quilt that beast too, by quilting it in sections and starting with the center section first. Oh no! I'll have to some more math and make sure it'll fit okay. Ohhh, I love to tease! Check back soon. (I think I'm on a roll again.)

Last night while watching TV, I did restart organizing my button box. This is what I have left to go through.

The next few photos are the piles currently on my sewing table. See what I mean about so many buttons. I am using quart size plastic bags and I'll probably use a couple of gallons size bags too for the larger quantity colors of the black, brown and white.

Does anybody have any great ideas on how to store Buttons? I know these bags won't be the best solution for the long haul, but after shopping at Walmart today while my car was being repaired, nothing there seemed like a good solution.



Vicki W said...

The plastic bags like you are using work best for me and I have LOTS of buttons!

MToth said...

Hi Jane - love your alien! I have been keeping my buttons in re-purposed pickle and canning jars.

Laurie said...

I have those on cards just in a shoe box. The Mother of Pearls, my favorites, in an antique mason jar. Most of the rest in a cracker jar. My Mother sorted out my heart shaped buttons and put them in a heart shaped glass dish. Sometimes I dump them in an old muffin tin and leave them on the coffee table to play with...that's when my Mother sorted out the hearts.