Saturday, September 11, 2010

A lot going on

Sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile. DH, our son and I have been canning and pickling. It also has been a big week. PGD#1 is now a schoolgirl.

This is the pose she did for her Mom. Talk about precocious! But she was so excited. The night before school started, starting around 3:00AM she kept asking her Mom or Dad, MOM, IS THE SUN COMING UP? GRRR.... Where's that sun? huff.., When is that sun going to come? Ending with Huffs quite often. So it was a very short night in their house. Too funny!

We used the garage again this year for canning. It makes it so much easier with all the tomato, peppers and onions with the peeling, chopping and processing. Thank goodness we have a couple of heating elements at our disposal. The 2 burner, homemade stove top (pictured in the foreground of above picture) was fixed and made by our son about 15+years ago. Yes, he's a correction officer, teaches technical, swift and ice water rescue, is an EMT and volunteer fireman, but before all that he was a welder. He and my husband made an ice fishing shanty years ago when he was still in high school. (The shanty is not much to look at but it does keep you warm when ice fishing). Since they would be gone with friends all day long for numerous days in the winter, they liked to cook something out in the natural elements, thus the 2 burner cook top. Since the legs on the stove frame they were given were too short and a possible fire hazard, he made a stove table for it to sit on to keep it a better distance from the tables it would sit on. It's housed in the shanty until we pull it out at this time of year or for emergencies and it runs off propane gas which is so much easier than using our Coleman Camping Stove. Years later, DH wanted to get a turkey fryer and viola, another cooking surface for processing jars in the canners. You'll notice the fryer in the right background. Besides keeping the heat out of the house it's YEAH! for me too, since the drips and spills are in DH's garage, not my kitchen. VBWG!

We were able to process 33.5 pints of salsa, 19 pints of pickled beets. Today is chili sauce day so we only have the chow chow, mincemeat and the grapes to finish off the 2010 season.
Our grape vines did the best this year. Since I've recently been diagnosed with Diabetes, I'll have to forego the grape jam, jelly or juice for myself but will make it for the family. I'm leaning towards the jam and juice with this year's crop. They are almost peak.

I did start working on the Miranda Bag. Here is a sample of the quilting on the pieces. I used monofilament thread for the outline quilting on the floral print and am very happy with the results. The first photo I actually remember to grab my camera while I was doing it. The one following is after that section was totally quilted.

Perhaps I'll use some crystals to enhance the flower centers? IHave to ponder that more.

Besides all the above, I also was down a couple of days due to health, attended a quilt class given by Nancy DiDonato with the subject being: "How'd She Do That?"
Talk about a fantastic class and teacher. I'll have to share more about that and the pictures with you in the next posting.
Oh no, the canning is calling my name. Will catch up more later.


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