Sunday, September 26, 2010


It feels like I've been remiss in my blogging lately. The only reason is the canning and pickling we've accomplished. Yesterday those chores were finished. So glad it's done yet, I did enjoy the process.

Our grape vines had the most productive year this year. We were able to harvest about 30 pounds of grapes! Since we still had jars of the foxgrape jam we put up last year, we decided to use our crop for Concord grape juice - am I so glad we did. We already opened a pint and tried it out to make sure the jars done with this "new to us technique" had truly sealed. They did. The recipe came from my favorite Amish Cookbook and after juicing, cooking, straining, sugaring and then recooking the juice, you only had to seal the hot liquid into jars without processing in a water bath. It is very robust and flavorful, and I believe it's boasting with nice, natural, healthy antioxident-rich elements.

Sorry this photo is so washed out. I may try to get a better picture later.

As for my conundrums of projects, I recently completed the hand work on 2 projects. Doing my Happy Dance! The green Beaded Bangle is finished (above) as is this:

JOY by Country Cottage Needleworks
28 count EW * Worked 2 /2 with threads called for. They were DMC 744, 3031, 3328 and 3354. Crescent Colours used were Eve's leaves, Aunt Marie's Violet, Betty Bluebell, Really Teally, Ripe Melon, and Bean Sprout. Since I'll be getting rid of the pattern either by regifting or selling it, I wanted to know all the thread colours I used and have a place where I'd know where to find them. This seemed the best possible place. VBG!

Next up is selecting a frame to finish the piece. For the next beading project I'll be working on a St. Petersburg Bracelet. It's coming along quickly and I love the Victorian look so far.

Still need to come up with how I'll be closing it. Most of my gold metal buttons seem too large for such a delicate weave of beads, perhaps a button made up of bead findings? Sounds like I'll be playing a bit. For my hand stitching, perhaps I'll finish my embroidery on the "spring Patchabilities to get that off my list even though I feel like jumping onto the Patchabilities Ball Jar of Flowers.

Enjoy Your Day,

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