Sunday, October 10, 2010


Have I got your at*TEN*tion? I Love the number 10! Ever since I was a younster, this number has always been good to me and I have been forever fond of it ever since. It also happens to be the day I was born but not in October. My brother though is celebrating his 56th birthday today. Happy Birthday Doug! I think perhaps I'll buy a lottery ticket today.

The organizing saga continues. I have been listing and organizing my threads. Remember last month working on my buttons, that was completed and I did use the plastic bags for sorting colors and some styles thanks to the friendly visitors commenting on that post.
What a great feeling with that done and it's already paying off effort and timewise. While beading with friends, I grabbed several bags of buttons that I thought might work on the St. Petersburg bracelet and didn't need to bring the whole box. Whoa though is me, since I am not content with the buttons I have with that particular bracelet, so am thinking I'll make a button out of beads. Still pondering this idea, but am leaning heavily in that direction.
While working on inventory lists in excell on the types of thread and the colours on hand, I ran across some of my Halloween cross stitch patterns I purchased through ebay last year. Figured that I'd try to rip 1 or 2 out before the holiday gets here.
So I started this on Friday night. A nice quick stitch.

It's Just Nan's Scream Girls. Using 2/2 on a 28 ct Milan - Natural with the listed DMC threads. Used DMC colors B5200, 310, 550, 581, 900, 971, 972, 3819 and 3833
in this and didn't deviate from the pattern at all. That is so not like me. Especially with all the other hobbies I enjoy, it alwasy seems like a bit of a rebel comes out of me. SO with this and I follow along so strictly with my counted cross stitch really has me bewildered. Go figure! Also while doing Scream Girls, I accomplished my first Smyrna Cross and it was super easy. Yeah me!

With the different internet and sewing groups I belong too, I am learning more and more about CXS every day and little tips to make the stitching easier. Some tips are so simple that it's amazing I didn't think of them myself. Like doing a half stitch while you can focus on the pattern and count thr threads without interuptions so you can fill them in later while visiting. Or the way people grid off the 10 count pattern with basting thread or even disappearing inks on the linen (as long as you plan on using a colorfast thread) making it easier to find your way on the cloth. Another is actually marking on your pattern to keep track of where you stitch with a highlighter or such. (I have a problem with this though, but I could make my own working copy and mark on that.) I hate to treat things incorrectly, it's one of my pet peeves.

I do wish there was a LNS near where I live, but the closest one is about 2.5 hours away and very quaint. I guess that means I'll just have to plan on googling and visiting some when I visit family members for the holidays while traveling to other states.

This frame was purchased because of it's size and my thift. The whimzy frames which are really cute and go so well with this whimsy pattern, but for $16 to $18 dollars and then pay shipping on top of that seemd a bit steep. Thank goodness the local Michael's had a perfect size frame that would work, but the finish wasn't the best. Ohh I can fix that... drumroll, here comes a can of spray paint in a rubbed bronze finish to make it what it needed to be. So here's the final product.

While I was cutting into my yard of linen, I was able to kit up a couple of other Halloween patterns too. I have many in and you can tell I was drawn to that designer last year. This year I just love Prairie Schooler, Blackbird designs, Carraige House Samplings, Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks, Shepherds Bush, Lizzie Kate, Good Huswife and Birds of a Feather.
Yikes! am I in trouble. I tend to have a collectors addiction in which ever hobby that holds my attention. Perhaps a No-buy is in order until I get 5 charts stitched up. Ebay is way too convenient, especially when my back is hurting so bad and I can't sleep due to the pain, pins and needles and everything.

Sorry to double some of the photos, but my feeble attempts at photography couldn't get a decent picture. Any hints on focusing up close and without getting any flashbacks? TTFN

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