Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So many giveaways and some of my past projects

Want to win an accuquilt GO! There are several giveaways on the net. I mentioned one my friend, Micki over at Irish Muses was hosting in my last post. I just came across a couple more here, Alderwood Quitls and at Quilt Taffy. Good Luck all.

Check out this festive candle PGS#2 and PGD#1 made yesteday afternoon.

Here's a peek at one wall in the Dining Room:
We decorated with crows, spiders and rats throughout the house but they're most densely accumulated in this room.

This is a little quilt was made years ago. Some friends wanted to use the fusible grid and make wallhangings. Since it was in the fall, I thought of using a witch's silhouette with a moon background for my project so I went to my scrap basket and found whatever golden colors that could work for my moon and viola! Found aclip art of a witch and made it work with Ultrasuede. The quilting is done with a glow in the dark thread that I wanted to play with when they first came out, that's how old this piece is! I haul out each year for every Halloween.

Next is Greta the Witch who is about 20 years old. She is made from painted wood, spools, blocks, rope, hardware and to finish her, a cloth outfit and quilling paper hair. Her hair seems to be getting "rattier" each year (No pun intended with the silhouette over the door), but she is still looks festive enough.

This wallhanging was finished last year and I love it. The cutting on the fusible pattern was labor intensive which of course also became a labor intensive machine quilting but so worth it, IMHO. The pattern is still readily available, I got mine from Keepsake Quilting.

This wall hanging was one I did about 30 years ago and is done by needlepoint. At the time it seemed to take forever, but looking at it now it seems like it would be quick enough to stitch, guess I was really busy back then with a growing family and too many distractions. Remembering back, the hardest part was finding the whiskers and a pefect nose button for the cat. She too comes out once a year to play.

As for quilting, I have my alien invasion ready to press so I can get to the quilting. I'm a thinking I'll try to rent a long arm and try my hand at it. So when I know I can use that machine, I'll have it pressed and ready to go. SO, I guess I need to clean up my cutting area and start piecing the backing for my Patience Corners quilt. The top measures 106 x 106" and I found a wonderful digitized pattern that a longarmer with a computerized system purchased for me explicitely for this quilt so I need to stop putting it off! What is that mantra I had a bit ago, "the dreading is worse than the doing". Enough already, Get to it.

PGD#1 got here late today. Usually she is here for an hour which gives us time to have breakfast, watch a little tv (SpongeBob Squarepants)and then clean up to catch the bus. Well, she arrived 35 minutes late (Mom and Dad overslept) and then she told me her doll, Darla has a birthday today, could we make cupcakes? So we did as Emeril says and kicked it up a notch and got them done. Phew! All in a half hours time. While waiting for the bus and I looked down and surprise, she still had a little smear of chocolate cake mix on her chin. Glad I caught it, off it went and then the bus arrived lickity split. OMG I am soo bad. LOL

Enjoy your day,

PS: Oh that reminds me, I still have the "Jacko Lantern" Chinese Lantern floral arrangement stored in the garage over my work bench I need to haul out. Now where am I going to display that?

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