Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday today!

I am being thoroughly spoiled today.
It's my birthday. I actually forgot about it until my PGD#1 was being dropped off this morning (she always is with us before and after school) and she had a card in her hand with her pleased with herself look. I asked what is that? and she beamed a gorgeous smile at me. Be still my heart! anyways I thought to myself, oh isn't that sweet, she made a card to thank us for all that we do. Recently we have been travelling into town to help with transporting grandchildren and their dad while life
was getting too busy and it seems we've had more on our own agenda just helping them complete their agenda. If you know what I mean. Anyhow, it actually was a Birthday card that was adorned with much personalization. Hand drawn castles, and younger brother wrote on it too. Adorable and a nice surprise, I had actually forgotten it was my Birthday!

Since I have been very bad (good) with filling up my stash recently ,
I have been drooling over Yuko's scissors that she shows on her blog be happy scissors. DH was getting ready to go shopping and I showed him the scissors that I was wishing for and he said go ahead and get them. Little did he know that I had already ordered them and that sweet Yuko actually invoiced me today, my birthday of all days to fulfill the order. Oh I am one lucky girl, thanks Honey and Yuko! Typically we celebrate each Birthday with cake and ice cream, but I asked DH if we could
celebrate tomorrow since I need to leave the house this afternoon around 4:30. There will be a guest speaker tonight at the monthly guild meeting talking about Amish quilts and I don't want to be late. I also need to stop by Michaels on the way and if I stayed until my daughter picks up PGD#1, I would miss the first 15-20 minutes of the lecture. And I am so looking forward to that topic. I'll bring my camera and try to capture some photos of any quilts she may show and let you know more later.

With all of this kismet and fate going on, I just know today's going to be the best. Hope your day is one of your best too! Thanks for stopping by.


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DJ said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Just read your note on Friendly Stitchers and saw that you are from Northern NY. DH is from the Adirondacks area (Tupper Lake) and I'm from near Watertown! We live in Maryland now though. It's nice to meet another "homie"! LOL Love your blog! What a nice surprise that your family remembered your birthday when you forgot! The scissors are very sweet! I'll be back to visit...*Hugs*