Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She's DONE!

The Quilt, Alien Invasion:

The back:

Closer look of the alien:

For this quilt I used 6 yards of fabric for the back so I'll compute 10 yards total from my stash to make this. I actually used scraps for the appliqued part that I'll throw in without counting since it was scraps and also since the backing that I'll cut off will be thrown into my scrap bin. Yippee! Something to add into my stash use on Judy Laquidera's 100 yard stash report. It all started with a jelly roll of the alien invasion fabric and an idea I had of simple rails, nine patches and filler blocks. Since the time I started this, I've seen it numerous times in different patterns from many designers. All made with the same basic shapes but for the life of me I can't remember any of the patterns names. I was surprised to see so many designers sell this idea. Of course each looks differently depending on the placement of the values and colors. Such a simple yet colorful quilt that I am so glad she's done! Now when did I start giving masculinity values to quilts? Go figure!

While hand stitching the binding, I found a thread that needs catching, knotting and burying into the quilt. Off to take care of that now.

Happy dancing Here!


creativedawn said...

Beautiful quilt and love the alien!


creativedawn said...
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Lori said...

the back is perfect! I love "alien" things! (no, not the things I find in my fridge!) Did you make the alien freehand? You must have some art/creative kink in you.