Sunday, December 19, 2010

stash report -Yippee!

Yippee! Actually I did get into my studio to work on a couple of things this week AND use some fabric. Talk about a win win situation. Albeit, not a lot, but still more used.

First up is the Bag holder I made for DS and DIL. They requested one to help out the laundry area and with their taupe walls and beautiful machines, I wanted something a bit on the classic side. I think this is the cutest one I've made yet. Not boostful, just very satisfied and doing a happy dance.

Here are several photos of the quilting:

The reverse side:

Fabric pieces totally quilted, not bad right? It's a bit heavy with photos, but I wanted to show some progresssive shots for this project. I used the Moda's Bake shop's bag holder tutorial pattern and adapted it with my own mathematics by cutting out 2 pieces of fabric then trimming them down to 18.5" X 20" after quilting. As for the quilting, this is another first and it's not too bad if I do say so myself. I'm calling this pattern "spirals". I've seen it many places and have always wanted to try it to see if I could do it. It also reminds me of New Grange. A stunning archeological sight in Ireland. Many larger stones placed at the entrance of this burial mound had etching of spirals, but theirs was in a trinity layout. Here's mine:

Used a hair band in the seam for the hanger. Looks great and was easy to do.

Voila! all done

I heart Moda Bake Shop. Any time I visit that site I always come away with something brilliant to do. So don't go there unless you want some more projects! LOL Just kidding.

Doing this one brings me back to a time when I would go purchase fabrics and the next day sew like the dickens. Wonderful feeling to have it all together and completely done. It seems like I did that for many years, uh humm... specifically AQ (before quilting). I really enjoyed that so much so the following day I worked another freebie off the net. Here again I adapted the instructions from Anna's blog Noodle head.

Gathered clutch, overall size of this was 9" x 13":

The interior:

Setting in front of My Miranda Bag:

A top-side view tucked into the Miranda bag.

So that's all folks. A total of 1.75 yards used up. Then I went shopping at Joanns in Malone. Here's a snippet of what I came home with.

Yes, you are seeing correctly. YARN
Since DH's hospitalization last month, he's mentioned several times about the slippers I used to make with such longing that I am taking pity on him. Now where did I ever put those instructions? Off to find it so I can work on these secretly after he slips into bed. He never reads this blog. He thinks it's just me going off in Blah, blah, blahisms. Perhaps he's right.
With this I also purchased some frosted vinyl. If I'm able to do what I'm a thinking, then I'll be posting some more photos soon. I used my 50% off coupon for the fleece fabric that I hope to make a bathrobe for someone dear to my heart(DH). Of course thst wasn't all but I have already saturated you with enough photos.

To date's Stash Report is:

Used this week: 1.75 yards
Used Year To date: 57.25 yds

Added This week: 4 yards
Added Year To Date: 88 yards

YTD is a gain of 30.75 yards

Seems like I truly love going in the other direction. Go over to Judy Laquidera's blog and see how the other participants are doing.


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