Monday, February 28, 2011

February's Accomplishments

Amazingly there were two finishes for February. I'll start out about the UFO#10. It's finished! Yippee!!!!!

That's right, here it is framed. While trying to get everything to lie flat and in the proper order the cotton was unravelling further.
Since Roxanne's glue was used, some pieces were stuck hard and true while others wouldn't align themselves in the proper order or placement. So as my friend Trudy does, I reassessed this project.
Where would I use it and how will it be shown?
Did I love this enough to restart with a whole new selection of fabrics?

Answering these questions I knew that proper place to show this was in my trash basket.

Doesn't it look perfect! I am so glad that Judy Laquidera's UFO challenge drew #10 UFO. That monkey has been on my back for over 3 years now and what a relief to call it done! I repurposed the batting to finish the this and that quiltlet, snow much fun. Oh, I also want to let you know that these scraps will be repurposed to stuff a dog bed. So the whole project really is making everybody and even some dogs life easier. Nothing but a happy village in my camp now.

Some of my friends did gather for a mini retreat this past Saturday. Quite a few of our little gathering couldn't;t make it with the roads and the latest storm that passed through. They were missed yet it was still nice to go someplace else to sew, visit and be without so many distractions or interruptions. I was able to finish this little snowman pillow.

"Snow Much Fun" is a This and That pattern was another of my finishes. I worked on it at the retreat and was able to quilt , bind and even label it on Sunday. Perhaps I'm on another roll.
Can I get a whoop, whoop?
This is the project that I had to tear off all of the ink jet transfer medium from when I mistook it for transfer ease. Boy, I'll never do that again.

I really love this little quilt.

When I purchased this kit from my friend Carol, I also purchased another table stand frame. This frame is so versatile! The top scroll piece is interchangeable with other "headers" and each one costs about $10.00 each. The scroll which is on it now is perfect for all seasons so for now, I am very content. You know the saying, sometimes less is more. Why clutter up my home with more headers to store, find and display for different times of the year? In this case, less is definitely more. But just in case for the future. I'm including a photo of the paperwork so when I change my mind, I'll know where to find it other than in my alphabetically ordered indexed pages. I filed it under quilt stand, but you never know how my mind would work in the future.

Enjoy your day,


Sarah said...

Good for you - knowing when it's time to round-file a project that just isn't going to work.

Carol said...

Definitely a whoop whoop! Love the little snowman quilt!

Amy said...

Jane, Sometimes that is the best decision, and it is a relief!

JCnNC said...

I LOVE your February Finish - LoL - your solution. I always say, "If it displeases you, cast it aside," and you did. No need to spend time on something that has caused frustration and discontent. Way to go from Judy C

dq said...

CUTE POST AND NICE HONESTY ABOUT THE TRASH CAN INCIDENT. I honestly really liked your house quilt and will refer to it in the future for design ideas.

BetsyE said...

I love the finished quilt! And I'd even take your trash bin! Nice job. Love the snowman too... how adorable!

Beth said...

That's one way to get to the DONE place!!! I unfortunately didn't even get that close.... but I do have a design wall now!!! So I think that is a better finish!