Sunday, March 13, 2011

Milestone hit

Alot has been happening. First off, a milestone has been hit. PGD#1 will tell you herself!

She's so proud and happy about it. She's been wiggling it and saying "will it come out today" over and over again recently. She had her Dad pull it out this morning. She said it hurt, but not too badly. Look at those eyes and that smile! What a cutie!

Her little brother, age 2, wanted to get in on the photo ops, so he very obligingly got out his bike to let me snap some photos. This is PGS#3 with his prized possession.

While staying here for a special day with Meme and Papi, we went outside and was a bit frosty on his return. Nothing like embracing the hot chocolate tradition. He thought he was drinking coffee like his Dad and Grandfather and started his slurping noises showing his enjoyment of the beverage. This slurp is agravating to some of the more delicate ears of the household which justs adds to the merryment at the time.

Then some friends along with DH and I went to a local hill. Some of us of course more daring than others. Snow kayaking... What a hoot! A friend who also is Fire Chief, Paramedic and I swear if an adrenaline junkie. He, along with our son does the technical rescue, ice water rescue, animal rescue besides certified to teach these talents anywhere in the world..... are you getting the drift? Anything that needs helps in not the best circumstances and they are off. So last week after that last huge snow storm laid down 18"+ of fresh powder. Kayaking was on the agenda.

Of course judging the descent was a must!

Enjoy your day however you are spending it.


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