Monday, March 7, 2011

Current WIPs

The BBD design Easter Parade is slowly being worked on. This is my progress so far.

For such a lovely little pattern it's amazing how many times I've had to rip out my ill-placed stitches. How did I do that I keep wondering. Going back trying to figure out how I keep messing up. I really am befuddled as how I am messing this up. Normally counted cross stitch is super easy for me. Perhaps it's all the interruptions with the little grandchildren around. Maybe I'll have to just stitch when it's quiet. That may save some of my efforts and wasted time doing it wrong and then going back to rip and then stitch it correctly.

As for the sewing I currently am working on a hospital gown for the friend of my granddaughter. Just 6 years old and fighting such a horrendous disease. Every time I try to work on this my heart aches so for the little one, but I really need to get this done and let the love stitched into it comfort her somewhat. Buck up Janie and get it done.

When a couple of friends and I gathered for our one day retreat, I did get the robe I'd love to make DH cut out. Since the fabric I loved and thought would work best, the tie-dyed cobalt blue fleece, was very limited I had to buy 2 separate pieces of it and took what was left on two bolts. YIKES!

The sizes of the pieces don't fit with the size of my pattern pieces...... After a bit of F&F (fudging and figuring), I'll be piecing the sleeve fabrics together to get the length I need. I've never seen a sleeveless robe have you? I don't want the seam to fall near his elbow joint so I'm hoping that it'll fall near the upper section of the sleeve. This pattern has an unusual sleeve pattern I have never sewn before. I have sewn regular raglan sleeves but never one with a dart like formation on the top of the shoulder, so I have a bit of cautious trepidation about this pattern. Besides that, it calls for an interfacing and with the stretchiness of fleece, not sure how well a fusible interfacing will hold up. The next thought is a stretch stitch, guess I'll be looking that one up in my bernina stitches, wish me luck.

I do hope both of these will be finished this week. There is a retreat I'm attending shortly and I need to get packed and planned for what I'll be bringing to work on. With the phlethoras of WIPS and PIGs it shouldn't be a problem. The only problem is I have a tendancy to think I can get it all done. LOL I know, funny isn't it. One project that I know of so far is the Number 1 UFO - Patience Corners. As far as any other projects, I'm not sure what else I'll be bringing yet.

The Patience corners is the ufo number that is up for March with Judy Laquidera's UFO challenge. I am so pleased to participate with this challenge. So far this year has been the most successful year with participating in this type of challenge yet. January and February's projects have both been finished and are off my list with a couple of other finishes to boot. In previous years, I've participated with my Mom's guild challenge on finishing a UFO in 2 months times by being selected in a similiar manner. With that challenge, I only managed to get one or possibly two done in a year's time. Perhaps it's my listing smaller wall hangings and quilts on this year's list. This month though, it's a king size quilt. So there are a variety of sizes and a variety of quilty things on it. Some participants even have knitted, sewn or counted cross stitch items listed as their ufo projects. My list just has quilted items on it for her challenge. Though to be honest, I am still exceeding in my one project a month (OPAM) challenge that I started participating with 2 years ago, so I am super happy about maintaining that while embracing JL's challenge. My problem though is that I think I have projectitis. Even though I cross some ufo's off my list, my mind or eyes sees another beautiful quilt or item and WHAM! Blammo! BLING!!!
there are now 2 more projects to do right after. I tell ya, it's a mystery.


PS: While reading my email this AM, I ran across this quote and it seemed a perfect ending for this post. Enjoy,

"Activity is not achievement. It is not enough to rush about beginning a lot of things and keeping busy. A well-spent life is one that rounds out what it has begun."

-- Eknath Easwaran

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