Friday, March 18, 2011

Easter parade coming along very slowly, here it is.

Thank goodness for getting distances with a camera. His nose looks kind of flat so after quickly checking and comparing it with the chart I see it's messed up and needs to go one stitch to the right. I'll be getting to that hopefully later on tonight. I keep marvelling at how I can mess this up!

PGD#1 is here today. She asked me so sweetly before she went to school "could we make this dolly"? I purchased this book while away at the retreat last weekend. I shopped on my way there and then again on my way home. I do miss Joann's Fabric Stores! It was so convenient when they had a store locally. Now the closest one is an hour away and with the price of gas it adds to the cost of my projects. Good thing I have a nice stash! I also hit another quilt shop while traveling in both directions that is located about 90 minutes away only going in one direction. Did acquire a bit but did try to be reasonable with what I purchased.

This afternoon the plans are to start making the doll on the left when she gets home from school. I just love that she is interested in crafts and sewing. Wish us luck!

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate all of the lovely comments and getting to know you.



sewmeow said...

Mr. Rabbit looks great!

Carol said...

Oh, I just love this Easter bunny, Jane! Isn't it funny how the camera can pick up our mistakes sometimes! Better now than after it's framed (which has happened to me!).

I can't imagine not being near a Joann Fabrics--I'm lucky to have two within 15 minutes of me and believe me I spend a fair amount of time in each :) Have fun making the doll with your granddaughter!

Joy said...

I love this little I dare start another project:) How nice your daughter wants you to sew for her!

Joy said...

Don't worry about your bunny...he is coming along just fine! Oh, and yes, cameras do help! LOL I am with ya on the Joann stores...mine is about an hour away. I have a stash, but is nice to add some fresh pieces from time to time. Hobby Lobby is OK, but not the same.