Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March's UFO,

Judy Laquidera has pulled another number for the UFO challenge.

Drum Roll please ....
it's NO. 1.

Looking back at my list to figure out which project that number is, OH NO! it's my PATIENCE CORNERS. This is another project that's been hanging around for a bit, so hopefully I'll be getting to that this week and start working on it sooner in the month than I did last month with that now gone Happy Village. That only needs to get assembled into the top and then make a different looking backing so it's a reversible quilt. I love when the flip side is something complementary yet different than the quilt top. On this quilt I plan on labeling via an embroidery information somewhere. When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

Since this quilt will measure 106" X 106" I'll be sending it out to a Longarm quilter in Glens Falls to quilt it. Awhile back I saw an electronic design for a computerized gammil and she is the only one in the area that has one.
Leslie is really great to work with. When I contacted her about this quilt, she did not have that particular design and purchased it for me when it was at 50% off. I told her I'd be sending this quilt down to her when I finished it and that was back in October and November 2010. I hope her memory is good since now it's March 2011!

With finishing up a couple of projects this past weekend, I think I found my mojo again despite how hectic my life has seemed. A couple of major commitments are done so my schedule will be smoother.

Across the road from the youngest granchildren's house I saw this snow formation and was intrigued.

Zooming in and getting closer without putting on my snow shoes, check out the snow waves that we get in this part of the country. It's really COOL! (No pun.)

Regards, a smiling and chuckling,

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