Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Morning

As previouosly mentioned on another post, I finished Cheryl's nephew's quilt and snapped a shot but never gave you a glimpse at the finished top. Here it is.

That's all of the quilt I could get from laying it on our bed, grrr! the effort of living in a samll home! Another friend, Carole is doing the machine quilting on her gammill named Penelope. I do promise to show you a better shot of it after I bind it when it comes back, so that is one more project hanging o'er my lil' head.

I've been remiss in my blogging lately, so I offer you my apologies. No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth, just have been real busy. My Mom was up north visiting for 6 weeks as you know and I brought her to the airport last week. That woman can really get so much done. She accomplishes so much and I have always marveled at her time schedulings and things she completes. She has lists of what she wants done by whichever dates and meets those self inflicted deadlines consistently. This last visit I had as Oprah would say an ah ha! moment. She is a task quilter while I on the other hand am a process quilter. Her satisfaction is when she completes a task. It drives her to continue to the next step. Now me, I'm liking the process so I'll putter away on the project and love my time spent while doing it, not hurriedly get through it just to get to the next stage of the project.
With the grandkids here and chaffeuring DH since his medical problem, I would get the next fabics cut for a couple of projects we worked on together before heading out the door. Between feeding the grandkids, getting myself ready for a trip to town 3 days a week, plus all the erands and business to-dos while there and then meals, besides measuring and cutting fabric for Mom to have something for her to do while we were gone, are you getting the picture. It's a wonder I kept my "calm" sanity and didn't start barking orders like a mad woman to get my list of to dos done!
Anyhow, all the projects she brought North with her were completed so we looked at some baby quilt "kits" I had in and thought we could finish a couple baby tops before she had to leave. We worked on those together. She did all the pinwheel piecing and assembled the centered parts. I did the measuring, cutting, fudging how to come up with more panel fabric and only some border assembling. The result. FOUR BABY quilt tops made!

So Peeps - for your viewing pleasure the tops that I actually found time and backings for, that I layered yesterday while DH was at rehab. I'll let you in on a little secret I did. Shhhh! In one of the medical buildings close to DH's rehab, the hospital has 2 conference rooms with tables already set up. I know this because we used one during rehab. for a stress management class AND because any time it rained and I didn't walk the city streets I used the stairs and walked hallways so I saw how often thsoe rooms were empty. Another ah ha moment, bring in the pressed tops, batting and backing and spray baste my quilts there instead of my usual moving furniture, laying them out on the living room floor and doing it on my knees.

Four quilts basted! Would you believe I had 2 of the same baby kits and I purchased a couple of yards of complimentary fabric for them at the time ( I was thinking of backing) and all 4 of these quilts were made out of that. We made them even larger than the pattern thanks to some stash diving and getting other complementary fabric to make the first borders for all of them. AND I still ahve enough fabric to make one more baby quilt, albeit it will have to be a different pattern, time will tell. I'll tackle that AFTER I get these quilted, finish the UFO's I wanted to work on but slid to the side to enjoy time with Mom and of course besides finish two quilts I entered into our guild quilt show coming up in October. The patience corners and my C.O.C. (Cadyville Orange Crush). Eeeeks! I just threw myself into a panic, best get my butt moving.

Ta Ta For Now,

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Mama Pea said...

I'm loving those quilts you showed! You've been busy! I think I used to be a task quilter and am becoming a process quilter. I am enjoying that transition! :-) (That is not to say I used to finish more quilts than I do now, however. LOL!)