Monday, September 26, 2011

Progress on Orange Crush Quilt

I've been calling this quilt initially the Orange Crush since that is the name of the Mystery Directions when I started it with Bonnie Hunter's quiltville Mystery. Thereafter,I started referrign to it as the Cadyville Orange Crush or Color on Color challenge quilt. But now I think it's appropriate to call by it's wanted name.
When I look at this all I can think of is the sunsets seen while we were in Key West, Florida. A flaming Orange Sun dipping down into the sea with hints of darkness coming about. So I think I'll be calling this my KeyWest Sunset and go with the sea themed quilting in it. I always am amazed at what the quilts are saying to me and shift me towards that direction. I found a quilt design called Splish-splash that would work for the orange crosses blocks that would alternate this quilting on the top.

Trying out this new to me technique of using the "Golden Threads" for a quilt design in the C.O.C. quilt that will be in a show on Columbus Day weekend. After seeing several successful quilting bloggers using this, one I remember off the top of my head is Jamie in Louisianna, and after I figured out which design the quilt needed, I figured that I'd give it a try. Jamie gave a step by step photo session of her using it in a project, Thanks Jamie!

So I gathered my supplies including a copy of the design, cut numerous pages of golden threads in a approximate size, then stacked them and stapled the stack. Went to my machine and sewed on the lines on my machine without any thread. When it was completed, I had 10 pages of needle punched design papers. Then I used my favorite adhesive spray, 505 and placed them on the blocks that needed quilting.

I gathered threads and decided for this portion of quilting I would use the variegated blue/red sulky in the bobbin and for the top, a YLI navy blue. Now I am very happy with that decision I was ready to proceed. Why is it I torment myself over the different steps within a project? I am still trying to figure it out!!!! Anyway, back to my quilting.....

I did just one block and then I cautiously pulled the paper off to see how it turned out.

Not perfect, but not too bad either. Very surprised and happy with these results I continued on.

The worst part seems to be pulling off the paper afterwards. Grrr..., so what did I try next?

Thats right, I tried another new to me technique with this Sulky water soluble transfer stabilizer.

I didn't care for this and am not sure I actually used it correctly. So if anybody has any hints or tips on it, I'd love to learn more.

Following the directions, I drew out the design with a permanent marker on one sheet and then ironed it onto the project, or should I say tried to iron it onto the project. Not sure I wrote on the correct side or if it was the true adhesive side that I tried to adhere to the block. That's the point I had trouble with.

It didn't want to stay put on the project so I used pins to adhere it. Still had to pull most of it off before I can dunk it into water after all the quilting is done, and pulling it off was much easier than the golden threads block. BUT to stitch the quilting, even using my textured gloves, was slippery and very hard for me to handle with the hand/neck/shoulder and back conundrums. So, I ditched using the Sulky and resumed using the Golden threads all the while knowing it would be tidious getting all those snippets of paper off after I finsh the quilting.

So there are a total of 23 blocks done so far with just 9 blocks more to go for quilting the main area of the quilt and as for paper removal that number is around 16that I need to get the paper off and also tie off and bury my threads.

Here is a snap of the backing showing how it looks so far, what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by. If you know about using the sulky, I'd appreciate any tips. I really Love the idea of using this for some embroidery projects right after I finish this quilt for the weekend of the 12th.


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