Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Youngest grand child on his way..

The youngest grandson (PGS#3) who is 2 and will turn three at the beginning of December is now a big boy and attending preschool. His Mom isn't sure that he is really ready so she is paying her daycare provider through the end of September to reserve his space there. Preschool occurs 3 times a week and I know he is ready and happy to get to go to school.

See what I mean, he did fuss just a bit when we were ready to leave but he did fine. I just wonder when the I'm not going to school today phase will kick in. Perhaps I'll be lucky and if it will happen it'll be when it's 40 below zero or something handy like that. VBG!

These next two shots are quite washed out, sorry about that. Somehow the camera setting shifted.

His big sister is in first grade now and when she got home after the first day of school she wanted to jump rope. Ahhhh..... I remember those days when I considered that fun. Now 2 jumps and I am winded and just try to breath!

She was so proud and couldn't wait for Mom and Dad to come pick her up to show off her new skills. Check out that smile while she's jumping....uumphh, what a show off! giggle

This is what she learned (of course you need to sing it into a rhyme):

Ice Cream Soda
Bananan Split
Who's your boyfriend
I forget

Is it
D etc....
and which ever letter you can't jump by becomes the first letter of a boy's name. Oh those simple times. {smile}

Here are a couple of recent finishes.

Jeweled pavers is Tout Fini! Attempting to get an artsy pic. (if I do say so myself, it's not too bad LOL).

A view of the back. I Like to finish by using some leftover blocks in a linear orientation besides I threw in a bit of a Kaffe fabric that worked too. It was at this time when I noticed that the camera was not set correctly and was wasing out the shots. You'd think I could have taken another shot of the back showing the true colors BUT NO, didn't think of that. Oh well.

Blackbird Designs Easter Parade also finished, that is except for the framing.

Closeup of a little variation that felt right for this piece. Flipped some design details and added in three crosses representing calvary with the center cross more embellished.

A Closer view:

One of my current WIPs,

I really don't care for the ribbon that was kitted with this scissor fob that I recently won on ebay. It was a great deal from a lady that I enjoy doing business with. Besides this kit I also purchased 4 others to complement my scissor collection. Not sure yet what I'll use for the cording or ribbon trim. Will have to sit on that for a bit while the C.O.C. quilt is worked on.

Current and URGENT WIP:

Would you believe that this will be a finished quilt in 3 weeks? What do you think besides get your butt moving faster Jane.
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Carol said...

Your littlest grandchild looks so eager to start school--how wonderful, Jane! And how nice to see little girls still playing outside. I remember all those rhymes and games we used to play outside all summer and fall. Today, it seems like too many kids spend all their time indoors.

Your quilt is stunning--beautiful artsy photo :) And you know I love the Easter Parade finish--too cute!

Good luck finishing your current quilt--you can do it!

Gillie said...

Oh goodness, skipping, every playtime and every lunch time we were out there, then there were marbles and then something called fives, you just used pebbles though I think it is similar to jacks. Lovely stitching and the quilt is gorgeous. Okay, back to the unfinished quilt, you CAN do it!