Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kent Delord Display 2011

The historical Kent Delord opened its doors for three weeks with it's Holiday Display of antique quilts. Despite getting ready for the Holiday and with all the regular to dos to get to dones, I insisted that DH attend this showing with me. I know he enjoyed it but I really, really enjoyed it.

My favorite display was just to the right of the entrance. Check this out.

I {heart} this quilt and the way it was set up. I could picture myself back in the day curled up on this settee with a book just passing the day. Each postage stamp finished at 1" and was quilted with an X through every square. Quite a few of the blocks were fussy cut to depict the print of the fabric just so. Whoever the quiltmaker was for this one was extremely fastidious and very patient. IMHO, What a talented quilter!

Absolutely gorgeous!
Other vignettes through out the home were very tastefully and thoughtfully done.

Of course this next one scared the b-jeezus out of me when I went into the (updated)bath.

Perhaps there were a total of 50 quilts. When it could be displayed they were shown its full glory. Yet with room being modest, thats when several quilts were draped over the head and footboards of beds and piled onto steamer trucks, etc.... so you got a feel for the quilts made back in the 1800s to present day. The Clinton County Historical Society actually lent the quilts they own to be shown besides of course the many local quilters that volunteer at the Kent DeLord House bringin gin their own to fill out the exhibit.

I'll just let some of the pictures I took speak for themselves.

Great display and I enjoyed the outing thoroughly!

Merry Christmas!


Deborah said...

Beautiful quilts! That person was kinda creepy. Have a wonderful holiday, Jane.

Carol said...

What gorgeous quilts with such history... Thanks for sharing your photos, Jane, and may you and your family have a truly wonderful Christmas Day!