Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

First scissor fob completed

Shepherd's Bush
Bianca Scissor Fob Kit

Notice that Bianca's name was added on the back of the design and that I left the
date as 2008 since that was the year when the Gingher Bianca scissors were made.
Another change I made was the ribbon surrounding the design. 
While I loved the finished effect of the silk ribbon supplied with the kit,
the color (really it was a  hot pink) was too off  from the scissor colors.  So I shopped around for weeks
until I found an acceptable ribbon that would compliment them instead of clashing with it. 
This kit wasn't in my stash but I recently (4 months ago) won this kit on ebay and am glad to have it
finished and added to my scissor collection.

Do you like the changes?  Since this came out okay, I pulled out another SB Scissor fob kit to make.
It's the Sonia SB kit that I won at the same time as I won the Biance one.  Luckily there were about 5 fobs offered at the same time and some even came with the gingher scissors.  Great price too I might add.  Made this girl very happy.

Thanks for stopping by.  I do appreciate all the kind words.  Visiting and connecting with like minded souls is always a big plus.  Enjoy your day since this day only comes every four years.  Make it count.



I found out where the 15 minute post it challenge was.  It's through Kate at Life In Pieces Blog.

Here's my list for this past week:

Wednesday- Mended ski coat
Thursday- Nada
Friday- Cleaned up sewing room and selected fabrics for WH Swap
Saturday- Found 5 hours to finish a project with a looming deadline-Wonky Houses
Sunday- Nada- Washed out Nascar socializing
Monday- Hemmed pants for son
Tuesday- Found a 2 hours to make some things from a recycled vinyl tablecloth

This is working.  Getting alot accomplished and yet not being overwhelmed by all that I wasnt to accomplish.  NICE!


Deborah said...

Fob looks great, Jane! Love the new ribbon.

Joy said...

Very pretty!

Carol said...

Oh, how absolutely charming, Jane--I love it :) Glad you held out for a more complimentary ribbon--well worth the search, I'd say!

Kate said...

Glad you joined in last week. Sorry I'm just now getting back to late additions. Looks like you had an awesome week.

So do you follow Nascar or were you roped into your guy's Daytona party?