Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Other tidbits getting finished

With the scads of scraps I have on hand and even though I use my strips of scraps as "humpjumpers" (similiar to Bonnie Turner's Leaders and Enders) would you believe a vinyl tabelcloth that we had out with the grandchildren had some wear areas so instead of throwing it away I repurposed it!  Seriously?  I need help.  LOL

 I've been wanting to make some storage bags for the summer fans that we store in the basement. I was going to purchase some duck cloth or other type of sturdy linen to make a simple bag for each one. While heading to the trash bin with the used snowmen vinyl tablecloth I thought that it might be just perfect those bags. The vinyl surface being an easy to wipe off  cloth and the softer flannel lining side just soft enough not to scratch said fans. Viola......... Done!

I was thrilled to get that off my to do list and on to my to Done list.  Such a simple thing like this makes me really happy and feeling quite smug with myself too.  See, I really do need help. 
After those were made I saw the remenant bits about and starting thinking again.  SERIOUSLY?   I really do need help.  My mind working again and so I made one more item.  Can you guess what it is?

Scroll down, 

can you imagine?

What would you do?

Eeeks don't throw that scrap away...

It could be used for the homemade


Here are the directions with what I did in case you are interested.

*Cut the vinyl to be at least  2 -1/2 times the  longest side of the disired hidth of your bag. 
*Finish the smallest edges with a hem stitch on the opposing sides.  I did lengthen my stitch on machine so too many holes wouldn't puncture it so bad to let it tear easily. 
*Lay it out similiar to a jelly roll all the while making sure you have enough
room to easily slide the ice pack in and cover it with the folded over edge inside.   You'll have two folds.
*Sew the two side seams making sure to catch all the layers of the folded vinyl to finish it off.
*Turn inside out and test it out.  Perfect! 


3 Parts Water
1 Part Alcohol
I used two bags to ensure against leaking making sure the openings were on opposite sides.  This freezes to just the right balance to be too cold to hold against the skin with out being in something.  So we would use towels and wrap them so the ice packs were always sliding out and around.  Hopefully this vinyl covered one will fill the bill. 

The only thing these items cost was about an hour and a half of time all the while
saving the earth of another item thrown in the trash.  (At least for quite a while that is.)

Enjoy your day.  Off to finish up my UFO for February.  Thankfully it's a LEAP YEAR and it gives me one more day.


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