Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Spring Patchabilities is done.  What was the holdup besides my natural tendancy to procrastinate and to overthink a process, you might ask.  Well I had a vision of daffodils dancing in front of the embroidered gate and I finally made got some time to play.

First I tried coloring the recyled Tevlar (sp?)  mailing envelopes to hold onto the color.  That was a bust.

So I then  cut out diffferent sized circles to heat shrink it.  Thinking I would paint them afterwards with an acrylic paint.  Some shrinkage did happen but I wasn't satisfied with the end result so ditched that option. 
May have to try that out on another project with more shapes baked in molded cups before using the heat gun.

Then I thought, perhaps I could fuse 2 fabrics wrong sides together to make my imagined dancing daffodils and use some of those Shiva Paintsticks and the other brand of fabric markers that I bought at Michaels to blend more colors.  So I played around with that for quite a while.  I couldn't manipulate the fabric to come out like I envisioned, so ditched that.

Then I thought perhaps some silk flowers could lend their way into helping me to create those daffodils.  Natta!


That's when I called it done and proceeded to quilt, bind and hang it on the wall. Now you know why I am slow to finish things. I am my worst enemy for finishing as I always am thinking more and what if I tried that scenerios. Seems like I start with a baby quilt and before you know it I get a king quilt done.


Despite having thatunseasonal 80 degree weather several weeks ago the gardens and landscapes are really looking like Spring is here. These two pics are where I tore up my garden and transplanted , weeded and mulched last year. Can't wait to see how much better this will be. Crossing my fingers now.

Next gardening focal point will be to revamp that section  that sets behind the gas tanks and the garage.




Carol said...

Your spring wallhanging turned out great, Jane--really pretty design :)

It certainly has been a weird spring, hasn't it? But, one of the prettiest I can remember in terms of flowering trees! Good luck with all your upcoming garden projects...

Sarah said...

Ha! We are all our own worst enemies. I generally get stuck at "designing" borders and there the top sits...I need to make more borderless quilts!