Saturday, September 29, 2012

the SNAP that wasn't

The bones of the snap bracelet

My grandson loves his snap bracelets and with his sister sewing her own baby doll quilt, he wanted to get in on some sewing, crafty time too.    Frantically trying to think quickly about what I might have in  that would appeal to him yet not make it be a huge undertaking for me to finish when I thought of  a fabric covered snap bracelet.  

That worked...... he's hooked. 
He went through my scrap basket and we auditioned which fabric he'd like to have on his bracelet.  Ultimately we went with the CARS theme.   Everything went along smoothly until I tried to insert the metal bracelet into the fabby cover.  I wrecked the "snappability" (if that's a word) by torturing the thing trying to get it into the covering.  With the opening on the backside just a little off center in the back thinking that it might look the nicest having a smooth and even edges on the ends.  
While I am trying to get that dang thing in .... Phew!! Such a little thing and so many problems so far, I swear I wrestled with that first bracelet for 30 minutes before finally asking my hero, DH to help out figuring he'd get it in.  He wrestled too and absolutely kille dit off!  So back to the drawing board but it was the little man's nap rest time. 
SNAP!! that wasn't a snap...  lol

While Brody went to take his nap Meme produced another covering with the end  left open and that worked much better for inserting that little metal strip.   Here is the end result and I'll be surprising the little man when he gets up.   

I think another snap bracelet might work for a complementary item for my next project I am working on. Here's a tease:

Snippet from my scrap basket that PGD#1 fell in love with and started playing with. 

I'll be back another day to share the doll quilt that his sister is making.  But here's a peak of the scrap from my basket. 


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