Friday, October 26, 2012

Perhaps A Bias Binding

While scrunging around my fabrics and trims I found this piece of fabric and thought, ah haaa! may be perfect for the Biz EZ backing.  I had it in for another BOM that is patiently waiting for me so I snatched it out of that pile of fabric.

Not sure if I had enough I started to gently unfold it when a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. 

Luckily it says 6 yards, that surely will be enough for the backing. How "EZ" is this going to be! 
Then I noticed the plaid and wondered about a bias binding for this quilt when it gets to that step.   
It may be too large of  a plaid though,  what do you think? 

Showing more of the quilt to audition the backing with it. 

Bias Binding might be just right, or is it too big a plaid?
I just had to play with it a bit and see posted it here to ge tthe distance.  Of course what else can you do when sleep eludes you from pain but play with fabric.  Quietly too since DH is sleeping.

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