Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before Frankeinstorm hits

I ran a mended Official Hockey Uniform next door to a neighbor's son who just passed his certification and noticed how nice our side lawn looked.  I figured I'd grab a snap shot of it  before Hurricane Sandy's affects are felt and seen.  The forecast is that she'll be here tomorrow.  I hope all who've been displaced and live in the any of the dangerous areas keep safe.  Belongings can be replaced but people can't .

My son just flew back from Austin, TX after attending an International 3 Technical Rescue Convention.  I'm glad that he bumped his return flight a day sooner.   DS#1 enjoyed the trip and the chance to kibitz  with other International 3 Rescuers and reconnecting with friends that live cross-country.   He thought that he might have been recognized at this forum since he and a friend won one of the Higgins- Langley Awards for Technical Rescue for 2011. The actual award ceremony was held in Lake Tahoe, I believe back in May, but he couldn't attend at the time because of other work commitments.    I am glad and proud of his accomplishments and despite always helping others out in dangerous situations,  I know that he is following his passion and know he has a solid thought process and integrity/responsibility for the safety of persons on his team/self  besides helping out strangers whenever needed.  Even though I still am concerned, I really don't worry too  much,  just offering up silent prayers of thanks and guidance from Heaven.

Both he and DH were at the Fire  station last night helping to  get all the equipment set  up in case their Volunteer Department is  deployed for help elsewhere with the impending storm.  It's a good thing too since they were called to help out in a region  just south of Albany this afternoon.  Not sure yet where or how bad it is  or expected to get since the storm is heading towards Connecticut now.    

We're all set.  This snap is from Saturday and now the flags, chairs, and decorations are safely put away. 
Stay safe all.

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