Thursday, October 25, 2012

One little, two little, three little

Finished PILLOWS! 
I actually made the time and got three totally done today. Yip yip yippee!!!

The littlest Boo !
The backside of the littest Boo!  (Skeletons dancing, too cute.)

The medium sized Wicked.
I did think about trying to make that CXS piece into the shape of a witch's boot.  Especially  with that word "WICKED" and that stretchy lace trim I used.  It could well have represented a garter on the top edge of the boot with a solid black cloth for the high heel and that would have been just the tickler, but alas I wanted to get it done. 
That's part of my problem, am always over thinking and making more work for myself.  A helpful mantra is KISS!  Keep it simple st----.

The Largest - CROW
I actually did alot of hand stitching to get these three done.  That bright Orange scallop trim I stitched inplacec by hand since the threads I had didn't quite match the color tone of the trim so I didn't want any of it to show thus hand stitching.  Sometimes the rhythym of the needle just soothes my soul.

Here are all three nestled next to each other on my sewing table.   Oh what a feeling, I love getting things done. 

The last BOO with the spider counted cross stitch piece  I'll be making into the largest piillow.    I plan on having logs on all sides of the stitched piece  after I insert a more colorful flange or piped area and then make a velcro closured backing for the back that is after I purchase some ball fringe.  The piece I have in only covers 2 and 1/2 sides so I need more.  I just wish a Joann's fabric store was around here to make completing projects easier.  It would be so handy to run to the shop to get what I need to be able to finish something while I was sparked.   Oh well, in town tomorrow I'll stop by Walmart and hopefully their sewing and craft department  will have some.  Crossing my fingers and wishing  myself some more luck.  I also plan on making another pillow  insert to finish this too.

Here's the stitched piece with the fabric I intend to use. 

I also need to shop my stash and find a suitable backing for the Big EZ.  Am thinking  of just quilting parellel lines straight through the whole top.   I did try some freehand flowers on my whiteboard but I definitely AM  NOT  liking the way I connected them together.  Just may have to dig out some of the patterns I've been squirreling away for more quilting ideas. 




Deborah said...

Jane, I love your Halloween finishes!

Carol said...

What great little Halloween pillows, Jane!! And I love the little Boo one you're working on. I've stitched that one twice myself--so adorable :)

Carole said...

Ohhhhhh! I love them! They turned out lovely! BTW, lost the bid on one of the x-stitch patterns you own. No big deal! After I had bid I sort of wondered, "what was I thinking?" It's not like I need another hand project! But, they are tempting! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

Quilter Kathy said...

These are so amazing! Thanks for sharing them!