Sunday, October 7, 2012

SEW we started her project.

Several weeks ago I mentioned that PGD#1 was rumaging through my scrap basket
for snap bracelet coverings when she found some sweet little pink scraps and lovingly took them out. 
She started thinking out loud about making a quilt for her dolls.
I gave you a peak when that happened here.
I told her , "Okay, we can make it."
  Smilingly she informed me that she wanted it done that day. 
uh hummm, Perhaps she's heard of the quilt in a day method
and actually believed it.   lol
Anyway, we selected a background white fabric and Meme cut out more squares
to work with the already trimmed pink scraps.
Then when I said to get that green and white case to get "her sewing machine ready" she was overwhelmed. 
Saying, "You got this machine for me?" 
Looking at the  little white featherweight with eyes tearing up and emotion in her voice. 
Yes, I replied, but the machine will be staying at Meme's house for you to use. 
(Afterall she is only 7, same age I was when I started really sewing.)  
Besides her mother being so busy with school, work and family life is so busy AND she has never shown an interest in it.
SEW we started her project.
PGD#1 learning to speed piece

Her first Tibetian prayer flag with the bits sewn together, look at that smile.
We worked on the squares for several  afternoons.  She wanted to do more each day but Meme does have other choirs in her itinerairy and we'd get to the next step another day.    Patience I'd say.
Learning to sew the blocks into rows. 

Learning to use an iron. 
Press, don't iron....
We set it up for her at the right height and she loved it.
Explaining why she needed to be sure to press one row this way and the next one that way,
thereby learning to off set her seams so they'd snuggle together just right for the next step.

Then the rows were sewn together to make a baby doll quilt top.

Pride and look at what a neat job she did.
Check out that smile!
I'll be back to share her quilting and the next steps. 
Ahhh, that girl just warms my heart.


Sue Daurio said...

aww that is so precious!! That's what memories are made of. You know she will be thinking of just this moment when she teaches her grand daughter how to make a doll quilt, wonderful!!

Joy said...

Such a sweet post! She did a lovely job...great teacher:)