Saturday, October 27, 2012

The cat's Meow!

I can use alot of time up on the web by blog hopping and seeing what other endeavors some creative friends and bloggers are doing.  Well recently I found a nice blog of Michele's named, Quilts From My Crayon Box and really enjoyed what I saw.  Whenever I like a blog, I'll note it and then when I am up from pain, find more time,  etc.... I'll go further back into their postings and check it out. 

She was taking my lingo with her using and enjoying numbers and had a tip about marking how many days a month she was able to get into her studio.  Ahhhh, I thought to myself, I also have trouble trying to get things done that this may be just the ticket.  So I went out and purchased a weekly white board (I showed that a couple of weeks back)  besides a monthly white board (that came from dollar store, thus the care bears motif and the ones available at the office supply store were more expensive) that I wanted to try it out with investing a huge amount of dough.  HAve to sabve that for fabric and toys of course.  lol 

Shazaamm! Bang!  MEOW!    I attribute these boards with the incentive I needed to get into the studio and the weekly board to keep me focused enough to stay on track and get many of my recent finishes done or to the next step. 
Thanks Michele.  If you are interested, you can see her initial posting via this link.

At the end of October, I'll be sharing a snap of the calendar showing only October.  Todays pic shows the end of September with most of the days of Oct. until I ran into the September's differently colored days.   See how many days I was able to get into my sewing room.    I'm ecstatic with so many projects getting completed.

Today DD#1 and PGD#1 will be coming over to finish getting a Halloween costume figured out and  sewn.  I'll be able to mark a check for todays date with that.  But it's not like I don't have more than enough to keep me busy in there.   


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