Monday, October 15, 2012

What fun

Little Miss PGD#1 finished her quilt and enjoyed all the processes it contained.

 She actually finished it about 1 1/2 weeks ago but it's taken her Meme longer to find the camera and get the pics loaded to brag about show it. lol
She sewed all of the squares, rows and then trimmed them.
Layered it and then fiercely practiced which quilt design she could do on a white board.
After that she decided straight line quilting on both sides of every seam.  That took her 3 afternoons of sewing on the Bernina 440.  Next  she learned to sew binding strips end to end and press them correctly.
Meme (meaning me) did sew on the binding and did the turnover by machine too. Luckily I thought of the label before finishing that last corner which she made herself and signed it.  I documented the details of it being her first quilt and the year it was accomplished.  I can see many more quilts being thought of in the future. 

See what she is pointing at Gigi?
Her first quilt label and we all know what a nemesis that is for some of us.  lol  She fearlessly drew a flower free hand after she corrected putting ink where it would have been messy, so she adjusted her name to cover the blob.  Most people wouldn't be able to tell unless I blabbed about it here.  But even there  she was fearless. 
Ahhh, I remember well when I too was fearless, I wonder where is that little girl hiding. 
Despite her wanting to get it done quickly, we both enjoyed the processes all along. 
She did bring it to her 2nd grade class  to show her teacher and friends at school then
 came home to let me know that everyone wants her to make a blanket for them too. 
I told her to get used to it.  That if they really wanted one they'd ask her to make one
and order a quilt in their favorite colors and offer to pay her. 
Then she could make them a quilt to add to her college fund or do it as a gift of love like her Meme did.
Enjoy your day,

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