Monday, November 26, 2012

Happily finished with

two more of my UFOs.  Yippee Ki Yi Yey! 

The first to share is the BBD Easter Blessings all framed.  This piece has been stitched for awhile and laid  placed carefully  in the   armoir that holds my stitchy stuff.  Glad I'm focusing on getting things completed around here, it feels really nice seeing it hanging up in the bedroom now. 

The colors of it are perfect in the boudoir which hosts a very outdated mauve color that I 'm not changing.  I just may make a new quilt to go with those colors to update the bedrooms look, Sonya's Windows may be perfect.   I know you can't see it but each piece I stitch I  insert my  name and year into the piece so it's hardly there. 
Here's a closer view of the frame selected, I just love it!

On Saturday it was Small Business Appreciation Day.  Luckily I supported 3 small businesses with my typical support. 
Tip Top Frame for the piece above.
A Mano, a local bead shop 's class  that I attended so I could get another UFO finished.  I wasn't able to complete it there,  but made major headway on it so later that night I continued on and was able to finish it Sunday morning. 
oing another little happy Dance!

Ice bracelet completed! Yaaah!

It was very simple to make and I have another ICE Bracelet kitted in light green and coppery red that is so tempting to get into just now.

Perhaps in a week or two it can be started while the making of this one is still fresh in my mind. 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know what colors work best for The BigEZ.  I appreciate visiting with you and the input.  What ever you are doing today, do it with ZEST!

Off to pick up PGS#3 from preschool.....



Deborah said...

Great finish and the frame is perfect for it.

Teresa in Music City said...

Congrats on your finishes! Love your beaded bracelet - gorgeous!!!

Carol said...

Oh, it looks wonderful Jane!! I remember when you finished it--how nice to have it all ready for Easter next year :)

Scattered Threads said...

Oh dear!!! I absolutely love your framed piece. It looks wonderful:) A quilt with those colors would be a perfect addition. Love it.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Oh I'm so glad you rejuvianted this post with us at Tuesday Archives!! Great work deserves to be seen again, and again, and again. LOL!