Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meandering on the Big EZ

Not too much going on just now.  Recovering from a nasty flubug that gripped me quickly on Sunday.  Uhhh!  Thought I was actually passing another kidney stone or two but no just neuro muscular pains.  Probably from heaving so thoroughly. The  Official diagnosis from Dr, I kid you not "You've got a case of the "Pukey poopies".  Hows that for a proper dx?  LOL
Sums it up nicely and it's just what it was.  Though my insides still feel like a huge battle was fought and lost,  but I am starting to feel at least human again.  TG!

For my creations I've been trying to add a couple of threads to the Miss Shabby Chic I started last year.  I'm on my 5th block now and doing the August one.  Hopefully I'll be done that be this weekend and can start another block, maybe I'll do the September one next.  I made more headway this past Saturday when our Circle of Friends Quilt Group met at the local fire station.

Perhaps I can push my efforts on this and try to get the other 7 done by the end of this year.  That means one block a week so I should be close to the year end if I can keep up. 

Also, I played around for awhile trying to get a good quilting design for the Lil' Miss' Big EZ quilt.   Drawing on the white board is such a great concept and so simple which I dearly thank Dawn Ramiriz, The Pajama Quilter for.  Ever since I saw it on her DVD, I have been using it and besides the apparant auditioning the design it also helps muscle memory to draw it out so it actually comes out better as you progress.  Practice.... practice... practice. 
My final decision was for  a wonky stylized flower. 
Here's a peak or two.

I'm only about 1/4 th of the way done but here too I'll be putting forth a small effort each day.  I was thinking if I sew 2 bobbins worth of thread each day, then by Thanksgiving if not sooner it'll be quilted and ready for the next step.

I use big yellow pins to mark where I need to start the next day
when I hit a road block while quilting.  Makes it easier to start
right back up without searching. 

I was progressing along fine and then my tension seemed to slip. 
I could see my bobbin thread looping on the top (aka: eyelash) and knew I needed to lower my top tension number. 
So I decided that was enough for today
and will clean my machine
and do the adjustments needed
to start fresh tomorrow. 
Oh why, oh why  does this have to happen just when I'm on a good flow?  Beats me!  But I will prevail.  
Que sera!
Enjoy your day,

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