Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Passion for my Ginghers


Sorry for the Glare, I still need help with my photography skills.
A blurry shot of the beaded  tassel.
Oh I need a tripod to help stabilize these little tremors.

I was able to make time to finish this Sheperd's Bush Scissor fob for my Gingher Scissors - Sonia.  The design has been  stitched for  months.  Again with this kit I wasn't thrilled with the trim that was included in the kit for  finishing it  and despite shopping when ever possible and using some vendors that I had done business with in the past,  I came up empty.
I was even shopping on ebay when I found Nancy2500 with an assortment of chenille and cluny lace trims besides some charms, Heaven!  
While waiting for my order and working on another project I rumaged through my  DMC 5 storage bin.  Eureke!  I stumbled onto this glittered ribbon I bought years ago from Ribbonsmythe, Ahhh yes, thinking to myself this could work. and Viola!! When my little Circle of Friends quilting group recently met I brought this to work on.
Instead of having the ribbon trim just end tied and left dangling as per the instructions, a little cascade of beeds with a  beaded tassel  was called for in my eyes. 

Since it took me several  days to finish stitching on the ribbon imagine my delight when my shipment from Nancy came.  Yippee! 

Such lovely trims and charms.  So what what else could be better than the  little scissor charm that  I just received to make the fob  complete.  Perfect!
Check out all the other trims I received from Nancy.    I found out she also has a web business for hand dyes and trims through her blog.  And guess what else?   She'll be hosting a tremendous giveaway starting in December.   So when you have time and if you are interested in items like these,  go to her site: Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.    Her trims are beautifully done and she is a very generous vendor.


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