Monday, January 21, 2013

Heat and shrink and some other stuff

After posting about the technique class last week I figured it would be best to try out the heat and shrink since Pam so graciously supplied what was needed to give it a whirl.

First as most of you know was to put stitches on your layered fabric on top of the heat and shrink.  You can see how many different ways I stitched this sample piece.

Then apply heat across all of the surface making sure your iron doesn't come in contect with the Heat and Shrink material.

I like the areas where I stitched the clam shell motif and the triangles,  both of those textures seemed to look better to my eye.

  Can you say EASY!

In some bags and clutches I can see where this would be a textile asset and even more luscious if I use a polyester  or silk fabric like what I sampled this technique with.  All that sheen scrunched up into loveliness, YUMM!

And lastly, Melissa from Happy Quilting Melissa   is sharing a Starburst quilt along and I'm thinking of participating with that but using the smallest block and more of them.  Perhaps this fabric line, Garden Medley from RJR fabrics would be unique and spectacular.  This FQ bundle I bought last year and it's beautiful, I had initially thought about using it in the Blogger Girls BOM QAL offered by Monique Dillard at Open Gate Quilts which is another one I'd love to participate with.  I think I have a  serious problem of STARTITUS this year.  But am thinking this would be nicer in a more traditionally themed fabbies, perhaps some of the pinks and chocolates I have in my stash.  Stay tuned... when I know, you'll know. 
Another saying comes to mind, The first cut is the deepest.  Who knew way back when that that song was about quilting?!   lol  Am showing a picture of them here since I'll be  printing it out in gray scale.  My picture program would only allow me to change colors and tints and I couldn't figure out how to print it in grayscale when I knew it could be done this way.  What's that expression, There is more than one way to skin a cat, not that I'd want to do that!

Am also busy getting my house in order since I leave very very early Thursday morning.  My flight leaves at 6am so at the airport by 4 am!  Jeepers that's crazy early.  Maybe I won't bother getting to bed, it might be easier than getting up at 2am so I can leave the house at 3!  I can't imagine working at the airport at that time every day, those poor TSA and flight workers.     DH still isn't allowed to drive since his cardiac event almost two years ago, and since he opted not to go to visit my Mom figuring we'd be doing our quilty things, I'll need to be sure everything he needs is in.  Then I still have the grands to watch in the beginning of the week, so my time will fly!   

The inauguration of President Obama is today besides the National Holiday for Martin Luther King is celebrated today too.  A little tidbit, MLK shared the same birth date as my FIL so It's easy to remember and he (my dear FIL)  is post humous about 35 years now.    What a gentle man he was and he has been missed. 

Enjoy your liberties and Enjoy your day.

Changed the fabrics according to grayscale, Light to dark configuration..

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