Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Picture loading temporary solution

Several weeks ago blogger did something and POOF!  My picture loading capabilities were vanished! 
Last summer when something similiar happened I was told it was a communication failure between my ISP  (Internet Explorer) and Blogger.  A friend told me to make sure I didn't have any vital updates that were missing.  Run a malware check on my system and refresh my blog/web page by clicking on the town page icon in the address line of the site were I was.    So I did all of these just 2 weeks ago.  And Nothing.  Couldn't get it to provide the browse button in the pop up window when downloading pictures.  

This is a blogger programing error and one I'm sure they'll fix sometime.  Just when though is a mystery .  In the mean time, this is how you can upload your photo to your post.

  1. Go to your blog and select New Post.
  2. When you have the window where you normally would be typing in your text,  there are two tabs on the upper right hand side just above the text area.  The first tab is Compose, the other says HTML.
  3. Click on the HTML and you'll see the older version of how you used to upload photos on your blog.  Select photos  from your PC  as you normally did in December 2012.  (Make sure photo wanted to upload are highlighted and then click done  to put them in the text box area.) 
  4. When at the text insertion area you will see program coding. Click the tab that says compose.  The photos will show and now with the ability to change size, positions add captions, etc as you did before. 
Hope this helps all the bloggers that are affected with this and that Bloggger can fix the program to work optimally again and soon.  I do really enjoy blogging and being able to see all the eye candy is why it's such a happy sport!
Good Luck!!


Pierro said...

Rosemary B here
Thank you Jane.
The new blogger editor has been a headache in many regards. I am still getting used to it
Thank you for sharing this

Scrapatches said...

Thanks, Jane ... I had found different way around this by using Google Chrome, which I do not like, instead of Internet Explorer to upload photos, but your method is much better ... :) Pat