Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stash Report #2 of 2013

Still doing well with my stash report numbers and I actually just created an Excell spread sheet to keep track of purchases and expenses this year.  Created columns for the description, price, yardage, beads, cross stitch, threads and services paid for  such as framing /long arm quilters, etc..  If I need another column as time goes by then I'll add it at the time.  It'll be very interesting as SCHULTZee from Hogan's Heroes used to say to see what is what by year's end.    I wasn't able to finish anything yet, so there's nothing to report as fabrics going out,  but I did happen to buy 2 fat quarters Saturday while a friend and I were in Glens Falls at Patti's (even though now

a Jessica Vandenburgh is the new owner).    Without further adieu,  here are this week's numbers.

Stash In:   .50 Yards
Stash Out:  0  Yards
YTD In:  .50 Yards
YTD Used:   13 yards

Net Changed so far this year is 13.0 Yards that have been used and out the door!  Yippee! Skippee!!!!

I started a new BOM for 2013 called AND SEW ON and did the first block.  Lucky for me I had some of that measuring tape fabric in my scrap bag from making the Professional Tote several years ago.

Kristy from Quiet Play shared the first block called Measure Twice.  If you are interested in participating in this freebie, do hurry since she'll only be offering the block one month.  After that it's still available for sale through her Etsy shop.  The next month she'll place the next block as a freebie for one month and "sew" on  besides  she's hosting a giveaway for  ASO participants.  Sorry, couldn't resist!

For my masterpiece block, I placed a seam through the floral print to emulate a fold in the top fabric.  Had I thought more about it, I could have used a fabric with the selvage edge print visible, but this is good enough.  It will stay as is. 

Luckily for me when I was starting to make this block, a lovely squishy package arrived in the mail.  I do so love squishy packages!  It was the giveaway of fabric scraps that Heidi of Fabric Mutt sent me.  I won her giveaway!    Check out her fabric goodies.  Fondling through them I saw one I had to use rightaway, that olive green print was one of the scraps she sent and it looked perfect with some of my scraps so I threw it intomy ASO's first block.    How perfect is that!  Thanks Heidi, love them!

But I do have a question regarding STASH reporting;

Do I have to try to figure out how much fabric those scraps are to add in to my stash report numbers as fabric coming in?  If so, how do I do that? 
Thanks for stopping by.  I feel like 2013 is going to be the best year yet with my PROGRESS.

Tonight I'll be sharing what was been my focus for  this past week and several weeks prior.   I hope you'll like it. 

Jane  :)

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