Friday, January 18, 2013

Technique Class with Pam Damour

Our guild had Pam Damour as a guest lecturer this past week and though I couldn't attend the changed date guild meeting because of previous commitments, I could attend the class she offered the next day and it was all about techniques.  She does absolutely fantastic custom decorating and her skills are top notch!

Here's a lineup of what I learned and actually the photos show my attempts.
Mitered Binding with Decorator fabics

Using the Ruffler foot on the bernina, adjusting the ruffle by moving the slide on the front section of the foot #86

Boy this would have been super handy when I made our master bedroom curtains in the New England Style and had a piped double ruffle with premium muslim and cluny lace edge! 

Pleats, single, box and a flipped edge after pleating both outer edges

Scallops and double scallops, I did by this set of rulers can you say cha ching!!!

Zippers and bottom edge insertions.  A sewing buddy and I shared a zipper (orange & lime green) to remind us what we can change.  ALso learned that with upholstery zippers the teeth go on top, but with the sewing garments, the zipper teeth go towards the inside of the garment.

Added this  link much later where Becky shows a tutorial with how she changes the zipper pulls on her blog solar threads.
Also another tutorial is shared by Sew Mama Sew where she adds a flap to hide the finished zipper instead of folding the fabric as I did and shows above (I had to fold it back to actually show the funky zipper).  This little case fits my 14 day medication container with enough room for some other medical supplies, like the glaucometer, acouple of syringes for  injectables and my inhalers.  Very handy!!

Piping or welt cording

Double welting for upholstery finishes and dimentional add ons for quilting

Mitered Borders

Ran out of time but she gave the class samples of texture magic and cotton on a paper base for coloring with Derwent Artbars.  This is a watersoluble wax bar. 
During this class she also had available for sale a liquid fabric medium that you use in a 8 parts water to 1 part liquid medium ratio, tapes and welting cords and a myriad of other supplies.  I mentioned I purchased the set of Scalloped Rulers and now I'm wondering where and even when I'll be using those! 

There went my want power getting all up in my face and I followed the oohhs and ahhhs of the crowd.   I did also pick up the fabric medium since in the past I've tried to get it at Michaels and other art stores without success, so scarfed it up when I had the chance.    Now I only  have to figure out which technique I wanted to use it with.  Time will tell and it'll probably hit me at 2:oo am some night so I best get a tablet next to my bed. 

All in all it was a nice class and I did learn some new things.  If you ever geet the chance to take a class with her, you won't be sorry.


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