Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DAYBOOK February

I'm feeling ... pain with this back/neck disability issues
I'm seeing ... a mess around my house
I'm hearing ... the ticking of the wall clock
I'm thinking ... of playing in my studio
I'm cooking ... nothing just now, feels nice!
I'm planning ... how to finish some of these UFOs
I'm reading ... The Wedding Ring by Emilie Richards
I'm wearing ... my lounge grey and black  leopard outfit
I'm creating ... Chili pepper pot holders
I'm enjoying ... the quiet of the house
I'm sharing ... More SNOW at my door thanks to Nemo! 

We got around 12" of snow from the last storm but it is melting quickly and another storm is approaching.
This one is Orka I believe.  I wonder ...was the previous storm Moby perchance?  And the next  will it be Persius?....  lol


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desertskyquilts said...

That's very like a poetry format I used with my students! Love the picture - since the snow is there and not here. =)