Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day Here...

School was cancelled and both of the youngest grandchildren are here.  The 7 year old came without any ski pants.  So when her younger brother and grandfather went out to clear up some of the snow, she got a POUT on.  Tatat DAAA!  Meme to the rescue.  Grabbed a large garbage bag, thread, scissors and elastic and VOILA!

Home made ski pants!
The pout disappeared and all was well in the land of Emersons after that.
Here's a snap of a new FO that I've been wanting to get to.  Notice those nasty burnt and scortched potholders?  I dismantled them and am recovering them into something prettier but still serviceable. 
If it works it works, if not the circular file they will go.

What's that saying nothing ventured, nothing gained.    Off to play while the little ones are napping. 



Joan said...

Love those ski pants - very special - and good for you with the pot holders!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect potholder fabric! Love those ski pants, and the happy smile. =)