Monday, April 15, 2013

Daybook April - The POWDER PUFF DERBY

I'm feeling ... dismay at the wickedness of some people (the Boston Marathon Bomb event)
I'm seeing ... Spring trying to push through
I'm hearing ... silence,  nice though ever sparse in my home
I'm thinking ... of joining the parade of UFOs again being led via Judy Laquidera
I'm cooking ... Ale, Smoked Gouda and Kielbasa Chowder
I'm planning ... to attend a Lecture by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company this week 
I'm reading ... Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
I'm wearing ... Blue jeans and a paisley tee shirt
I'm creating ... a Pompom project and my other April listed wishes
I'm enjoying ... the quiet of the house
I'm sharing ... PGD#1's first Powder Puff Car, a pine box car she and her Dad made  (#83)

The car Number 83 with the MRM Racing motto is her design. 
It was really cute though didn't do well in the actual racing event.    All of the cars were original and the patience, talents  and thought that went into them were adorable.   You can see by the different shapes how the different Dads thought the winning car should look and I'm sure aerodynamics weren't even thought of.     hehehe. 
Don't you love that Orange drawn tiger striped car with the hood engine face and the upside down heart exhaust!   
What a totally original design, as were all of them. 
Paint, Magic markers, Glitter, Stickers, Numbers, Dolls and hood ornaments in the designs, each as unique as it's maker. 
Reminds me of us quilters with our own creations and abilities.
Since her car really never crossed the finish line though I have to say how cute it was, it consistantly for to the same area of the track each time so depandable too.   Her Dad spoke to some of the other Dads who have done these for the past several years.  He got some tips on how to improve the performance with these little gems for next year. 
It was a nice afternoon spent watching these young Girl Scouts.  All levels Daisies, Brownies and GS had different competitions levels within the race and were a group of very nice children.  We are blessed in thsi area that we live in. 

The Brownies' cars all lined up on the stage just waiting for their heet.

The anticipation and the yearning for each car to be a winner. 
PGD#1 is the blonde brownie in front. 
Sorry Honey that your car didn't finish the length of the race. 
But she didn't give up, she kept hoping and smiling. 
Makes a Meme Proud!

Her family with Popi after her heets were through.  Lil' brother is making sure the wheels on the car still are working correctly but  truly couldn't be bothered to look at a silly old camera.  lol

Closing with an action shot of  lil' Miss just being her wonderful self while other racers' cars are still competing. 



Carol said...

Love the little pine cars, Jane! My sons were in Scouts so many a Pinewood Derby car was constructed in this house :)

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest little cars! I've helped with Pinewood Derby for both boys, but nothing as cute as these!