Monday, April 29, 2013

More Pom pom Love...

Can you stand it?  

I'm loving all the creativity shared during this hop with so many fellow bloggers.  Tomorrow is the last day to venture on this hop tour and here's the listing:

April 30

While checking something out on the computer a little bleep caught my eye so I bravely ventured forth. 

What did I see?
Lots more Pom Pom creativity!!!

Check this out......

Too cute!!!   and they aren't even part of this hop! 
How creative are these!!!! 
[Squealing  with delight.]
Being a tea drinker, ah hummm,.... notice I said drinker not totaler, lol   I'd love to have a spot of tea coming from such a fun Pot.  I found this photo over at the Queen of Teapots' blog.  
Such lovely designs and a couple of free patterns thrown in the posts too. 
Just had to share since you definietly have a fondness of pom poms.   
What FUN!!!!   Can you just imagine! Jane


Lisa said...

These are so fun! I'd like one for my teapot!

Heide said...

Thanks for sharing!

Purl Buttons said...

Isn't her work wonderful? I have one of her books. Anything tea related is interesting to me!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Thank you for sharing the link.
I´m trilled and I want a teacosy like this. I´d just ordered one of her books *lol*