Monday, April 15, 2013

UFO Parade, 2013

When I first started looking for my UFOs I was feeling rather smug.  "Not too bad", I kept telling myself.  "See you do finish the projects you start!"  ........Then reality came quickly as I kept finding more and more UFOs that had been shelved by the wayside along the way.    Next thought was WHY?  Perhaps it's some of my perfectionist qualities and as I became dissatisfied with one part or another, I'd became disenchanted and shelved most of them to procrastinate to another day.  Be it I ran out of fabric, wasn't satisfied how my techniques produced the units, and wanting to finish it in my own unique way (of course I have difficulty being told what to do and have prided myself with these rebelious attitudes, lol!) 

Irregardless UFOs they all are and then some!  Truthfully I even have more that I know of but didn't want to hunt them down for a photograph.  Some off the top of my head are the Mater quilt, the lone star I recently (March 2013) bought the backing for, some BOMs started, humpjumpers and string blocks in the works, etc....  Anyways,  here comes  something.... my UFO Parade. 
10 minute blocks out of Batiks started this month

Stack of Double Four Patch Humpjumpers -
(Notice how I even spun the seams on each block!)

Some assembly already started

Convergence wallhanging in the works, but this will be done this MONTH!

House Block Swap with Jane of Jane's Fabrics done last year, 2012

Tree Blocks also swapped with Jane of Jane's Fabrics last year, 2012

Conway Blocks started in 1998 or so???

More Conway Plus blocks- nine appliqued total.

Tesselating leaves class with Carol Doak,  probably started around 1994...   Adding to it very rarely, notice those bear paw blocks, those are circa 2000 perhaps.

Dresdan Plates started at the turn of the century.  May finish this as a table runner.

Class with Joan Ford (2012), used fabrics from my quilt, Bird Song that had a nine patch variation theme which was finished in 2008. 
This will only be a pillow, still a UFO though.

Lil' Miss Shabby - 3 blocks left to stitch. That means 9 made of this quilt too (notice any repitition of that number?)

Ironing Caddy started at the quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago.

Since I'm sharing my bag of magic tricks like a little bag of dirty secrets,
I thought you may like to know one more thing  about me. 
Here's a real time shot showing a part of my life
Under the desk in the den. 
Guess I like to throw my shoes off or should I say my flip flops.

See Gina, these pink and purple thonged slippers are being used right away and are so comfy.  Thanks!  I love them.

So without further adieu, my first UFO to finish will be putting all of these away.  lol
See, I can finish something!
Enjoy your day.


ANudge said...

LOL - your ufo finish brightened my day. I looked under my sewing machine - no shoes. Looked under my computer -oh, dear! Better get busy. Thanks for sharing.

~Kristie said...

Nice 'finish' with your flip flops! Love the Convergence quilt and can't wait to see it finished!

Anonymous said...

Love this list. I have started block #11 of my Little Miss Shabby embroideries!

Bonnie said...

Don't you wish all finishes were that easy? ;o)You have some truely lovely projects - can't wait to see them finished!