Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anthology Bag by PGD#1

It seems like summer is blazing through.  Mom just left yesterday and was visiting for a couple of weeks.  She stayed with us so the ebb and flow of around the clock company seemed endless.  I will miss her but it's nice to settle back down into a somewhat normal pace and I really feel like I'm finally catching my breath.  Both the younger grandchildren are here today and that allowed the lil' miss to finish one of her projects she started with a group of "Junior Quilters" last week. 

Check it out:

She started assembling the bag last Wednesday and had shopped for her own fabrics.  She continued on this past Wednesday and with her and her brother  here today since their Mom was ill it also gave us a chance to get at least one of her projects completed! 
I see an improvement in her skills  with the time she's spent on this weekly hobby already.  The plan was skeemed at our P'burgh quilt guild when PGD#1 shared and showed her baby doll quilt she made.  Another grandmother in the guild approached me and asked if a younger guild group could be viable and possible also if we were interested.  She and I both said "YES!"  and voila.    Thanks Velma!

 It was initially shared at Henry Glass fabrics for the Color principle fabric line but it is no longer available at that sight .    Thankfully stitch-n-frame still has it.  It's a nicely sized bag and not too bad a project, especially for a new to sewing young mind.

The pattern for this bag is still available at this link.


And just in case you didn't notice the color she picked out for the lining..... another shot but a little closer. ; )
Sorry I've been so neglectful with my blog lately,
seems like so much has been going on, I will try to share at least one post weekly
and perhaps more when I'm able. 

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