Sunday, September 22, 2013

It continues

"Orange" Phlox bloomed this year and loved them.
I will share a snap of the Dragonfly Carnival wall hanging with the piping treatment she got.
Am loving how this looks, NICE!

I also am progressing on the quilts I need completed by the 11th of October. 
My list of 4 "chores" that need completion this week are:

  1. Label the Dragonfly Carnival and finish sewing the binding to complete it.
  2. Finish quilting the 10 minute block quilt I've named the Batik Reprieve.
  3. Make binding and get it machine sewn on the Batik Reprieve and a small label done for it too.  Then next week I can start attaching the sleeve.
  4. Rip out one row on the Tweet Camping, aka the camper quilt.  I have been hesitating putting all the borders on this one because it just didn't seem right that it was so long.  This will allow me to have all four sides with borders and with the top and bottom borders being narrower in  width than the side borders.  Hopefully by Friday I can get this layered at my grandson's preschool where I don't have to move that much furniture or crawl around on the floor to do it.  Just move a few chairs in the dining hall area and slide a couple of tables together.  Now why didn't I think of using them before? 

See the angel in the swing shot photo?  Guess what he did?
Yep!  He gave himself a HAIR CUT.  God bless.  He knew he did was wrong quickly.  You can tell by this expression that he got in trouble too.  So it went from a nicely style hair cut to a buzz cut given to him by his Papi.  His Dad didn't want him to feel bad so Papi cut Daddy's hair too,  (that's something I would never do unless a severe illness and then I would do it for solidarity to help with the healing).   

His sister had her first day at school.  For a minute or two that morning I thought, then asked if  McKenzie would be going with her.    And this was the answer I got. 

 Talk about an angel flipping her switch.
Meme, I am not bringing my doll to school!
On Wednesday, Papi and I were able to go on one more field trip to the local orchard.  This will be the last time for this younger generation with preschool.   We had a nice time and all the preschoolers were very attentive about the grandfather "snow" variety tree in the orchard when Brian explained it.

After the field trip we enjoyed a picnic near Lake Champlain, at the Samuel D. Champlain's monument with another activity of feeding the ducks afterwards.    The lake near the mouth of the Saranac River was a hive of activity with all the seagulls swooping down towards the water.  We think there was a hatch of lampreys just floating by since one seagull landed on a concrete abutment near us and had a 4" long resilient worm-like creature he was trying to kill for his dinner.   We should have grabbed the camera and snapped that photo.
Also I'm sharing a couple of the finished projects that PGD#1 completed.  She started these with her cupcake kids sewing circle group. 

10 minute table runner for her bedroom
We had a modeling session and both of us had a blast.

Anthology bag I shared on my blog previously without her.



She adds her own bit of style with the bag though, it's so much cuter!

Notice the band aids.and I'm not sure why she's closing her eyes,
perhaps her attempt at being coy.

Don't know what this pose was all about.

But it brought out a big smile though




PS: I'm smiling right now just remembering our shoot.  I Love you Girl!

Enjoy your blessings, I do mine.

Also PGS#3 just started his speech sessions and I'm impressed by his willingness & attentiveness to go every time. 
Can only hope this trend lasts.

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Carol said...

Oh, I love that expression on your grandson's face, Jane--just priceless!! I've seen a few of those in my day, too :) And your granddaughter and her projects looks like a natural model--so adorable. You are very blessed :)