Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy 81st Birthday!!!

Wishing my Mom a wonderful Birthday!  Mom, You rock and I love you so much.  Many times through our travels I always feel so blessed to be your daughter.  You are an amazing women, friend and Mom. 
Thank you for being you and sharing yourself so graceously while doing it so well.  I've been paying attention and hope I can do as well with my life.   

PS:  And did you notice I actually told every one how old you really are? 

lol  Evil aren't I?

Last weeks items:
  1. Flowers stitched onto Lil Miss Shabby
  2. 2 threads sewn onto Scaredy Sheep fob- did 6! 
  3. Start the knitting the slouchy hat (Need to purchase some knitting needles, I have everyother size but these!)  Didn't do this but changed it up and did start knitting a dishrag!   Just could't find the required circular needle.
  4. Label PGD#1 advent calendar - DONE!  Elfie, the elf on the shelf loves it too and actually sat in one of the advent pockets a couple of times now.  McKenna did an excellent job on her advent calendar and I hope she enjoys it for many years to come though she generously give it to her Mom for Christmas.
The list of four I wrote out didn't get totally done, only two of the items were done and the one I changed did get started so not too bad attending to three especially since I've been sick again with the yearly bronchitis, sinus, ear and asthma situation.  Both DH and I are wondering when we'll need to move south for our health.  Each year it's getting more difficult for my lungs.  SO I'm on antibiotics, steroids and more steroid inhalers besides the nebulizer treatments.  Never realized when I was sick how difficult my breathing was until my lungs started opening back up.  Can I say how nice it is to breath! 
So this weeks list of Four are:
  1. Flowers stitched onto Lil Miss Shabby
  2. 2 more threads on Shephards Bush scaredy sheep
  3. Finish the completed CXS Santa and reindeer as a balsam pillow to hang in the master bedroom
  4. Finish knitting dish rag with the wrap over technique every 5 rows.
 Meatloaf for dinner and while thats cooking will make up some spaghetti sauce to freeze for a
quick dinner another night.  Of course I need to start with my Christmas cards and
go downstairs to find some more decorating items for the kitchen. 
It's so beautiful outside with it snowing.   DH is plowing the driveway and the Christmas carols are playing. 
At least that bitter cold is now insulated with the 8 inches of snow covering our area. 
Enjoy your day.

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Carol said...

Hope your mom had a wonderful 81st birthday, Jane!! Enjoy your countdown to Christmas--I can hardly believe it will be here in 8 days!