Sunday, December 15, 2013

New FO's for 2014, here I come. also am sharing my ongoing UFO's too.

Barb from Cat Patches is hosting and challenging us for next year's New FO Challenge.  It's a way to get to those projects that you want to make but haven't even started yet.  With her enticement, several of my PIGs are done and have been gladly shared here and during their seasons throughout my home.  Thanks Barb, I owe you!

So with that shared, here's a line up of some of my New FO's I want to make for 2014 and they are in no particular order.

New FOs 2014
  1. Make a kindle Bag- (am thinking of using linens for this and YES this was on last year's list but didn't even get to selecting fabric to the start it stage yet !)
  2. A bag to store the "magic eyes" and their lenses safely and all together. (Ditto, about this was in last year's too!)
  3. Patchabilities- the cardinals. (Ditto)
  4. Frankenstein Wall quilt (another Ditto)
  5. Baby quilt for a friend's first grand daughter. (it's for Peggy's new girl coming sometime this year 2014)
  6. Counted cross stitch piece "Take Joy in the Journey"
  7. Valentine kitted wallhanging.
  8. Knit one hat.
  9. Scrap quilt, (am thinking of making it tree themed or using the PB&J Moda charmpacks I have in).
  10. Patchabilities- the Coneflower in the boot.
  11. Patchabilities- Butterfly house.
  12. Queen plus size quilt using the fall themed fabrics, my own concept and pattern- I want this one to be a WOWzer with an appliqued center motif.
  13. Make a knitting needle organizer case.
  14. Two more Pillowcases made for Camp Takumteh (Camp for children with Cancer- an annual drive).
  15. Fourth of July pillow covering for one of my couch cushions by July.
  16. Make 9 book earrings for Christmas 2014 book club gifts.
  17. Start a Modern looking quilt perhaps the jelly roll in with that textured grungy black scratch background.
  18. Make another purse or BAG.
If I need more New FO's or want to change the above list, then these are also wishes and want to start someday items.
  1. Wildwood twin quilt, bought as a kit from Stephanie Brandenburg, gorgeous browns and a lovely tree in it.
  2. String queen size quilt in the mauves,golds, greens and browns- perhaps do as a humpjumper style.
  3. Amish sampler kit.
  4. Urban Grunge quilt kitted.
  5. Stephanie Brandenburg fabrics for a floral wall hanging.
  6. Start cross stitching The Red Thread.....
  7. Make book ornaments for book club.
  8. Start the Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Mystery quilt in burgandy, pinks, yellows and black?
  9. Counted cross stitch another Shephard's Bush scissor fob
  10. Knit another dish rag to learn more about stitching, would love to make a shawl sometime.
  11. Urban Couture basic Grey that's all kitted up and I want to start sometime.  Just wondering with all this listing..... Do they make a 29 month year?   
I have many more that I could list here (July 4th stars, Yellow star BOM, Amish Sampler BOM, some beaded items and bracelets, dishrags, wolf/fox  quilt for PGS#1, etc, etc. etc...  - but I'll stop now before I go into overwhelm which seems to happen so often and so much easier lately.  AND Since I'm writing this in a list format I also figured that I'd list my UFO's as well, in no particular order here are many of them but not all.  They are:

UFOs 2014

The first three listed were in the quilt show unfinished and they need completing, I only quilted enough to let them hang without too much shame but will never do that to myself ever again, How embarassing!
  1. Finish quilting Tweet Camping Quilt (Am trying to make a template for diamonds on pont in the sashed areas, any hints would be so welcome.)
  2. Finish quilting the 40 diamonds Quilt- hopefully by Ground Hog's Day since that's our 40th anniversary.
  3. More quilting on the Adirondack Star Quilt (aka: the lone star of greens, burgandy and pink)
  4. Assemble the 12 Redwork Santas blocks already embroidered into a top and perhaps finish by Christmas 2014 am waiting til my muse tells me how this needs to be done.
  5. Embroider the last 3 Lil' Miss Shabby blocks yet to be done, maybe concentrate on one per month.
  6. Make the quilt top of the four patch "humpjumper" quilt.   All of the block units are done but need to assemble then applique the borders on, thinking of machine applique for this part.
  7. Make the pumpkin pillow PGD#1 colored two years ago now.  Inserting Bad Grandma statement here!
  8. Cross stitch Santa with reindeer needs finishing - perhaps I can even get to this for 2013 since it's rather small.
  9. Wool pincushion making of peach with aqua on moss green background.
  10. Stranger in the woods wallhanging UFO since ??  years!
  11. Bonnie Turner's Chocolate baskets in Strawberries -N- cream, I started this in May 2013 and love it so far.
  12. Fourth of July wallhanging an art quilt, we'll see.
  13. Pillow to match the Bird song quilt that was made 5 years ago, was started in a Joan Ford class the spring of 2013.
  14. BOM from the guild's BOM program that uses the purple, blue and green fabrics
  15. BOM from the guild's BOM from 2 years ago using the pinks, yellows and oranges.
  16. Jacket from Just Another jacket? in the butterfly toned fabric- it was started this summer and I don't care for how it's hanging or feels.  I was adapting the pattern to fit better with a buit of fabric shortage and it's a bit off, need to decide if it's worth finishing or should it be reclaimed and made into something else.
  17. I have several beaded items I could list here too but will just share whatever I accomplish when I do.
  18. Finish the Scaredy Sheep counted cross stitch fob.
  19. Mater quilt needs the top made and then finished, comunity project?
  20. Not to mention the Baltimore Album I started over a decade ago but am realistic that this will not be attempted yet.
  21. Which brings me to one I'd love to re-start some year, the Jenny Beyers' Moonglow.  I have one star block made and want to get to the rest.  Who knows, maybe 2015 could be the year for that.  Just saying.
That's 50 projects mentioned all total and if I divide that into 365 days in the year I figure I need to push out one project every seven and one third days.  IMPOSSIBLE!  Do I dare?  Even that, I figure if I get two done a month which seems to be my normal, than I am a happy girl and will gladly relist many of these for 2015.  Sly ain't I?

Other UFO's now that I'm a thinkin' about them are the Pineapple wallhanging, Bar Harbour vacation picture, another landscape quilt, the BOM wreath blocks I  think I need to get an excell spreadsheet out to help me remember where all these are and what step I'm on for each but will leave that task for another day.

So are you going to join in Barb's challenge allowing yourself to play with thsoe new ideas and pigs you couldn't resist?  You know what they say, the more the merrier. 
Come on, I dare ya! 
Okay,  make that a double dog dare ya!!!
Enjoy your day,


Barbara said...

That's an ambitious list of projects!

Donna said...

You will be one busy stitcher. Enjoy. Happy quilting.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of projects! I will be trying some new ones, but not quite that many. =)

sherry said...

buy a newsprint scrap book from the dollar store...then draw your diamonds on it the way the will sit in the sashing and paper piece the diamonds...lots of work but you will get the result you want

LynCC said...

Those Patch Abilities patterns are FUN, aren't they? I need to put smaller projects on my cutting board, like wallhangings and bags. hmm... I need to make a zippered sewing Tote. . . Love a lot of your projects!! Nice lists. :D