Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday night with friends then slipped more into Saturday

Hello -  Yes, I'm still alive but have been really getting stretched to "my MAX" more than ever lately.  Then on top of it I've been suffering with another bout of Bronchitis.  So here I go again with another round of drugs with those dang steroid kickers which makes me all jittery and even more edgy than my usual self!  UGH!!!!  Just what I need!    Now I'm not mentioning all the other side affects either that the latter has on my sugar levels, hunger issues....  blah.... blah....... blah.
So, I was eager to reconnect with some friends for our very late Christmas Holiday gathering last night  at a local restaurant with some of my circle of friends quilting group who could attend.  Seems like it's getting harder for all of us to have free time available on the same days and or evenings with everybodies' life schedules, so I was glad at least some could make it but missed those that couldn't. 
It's been ages since I've  connected with a couple of them and I do miss them, so it was an enjoyable evening despite being quick on my part due to another commitment already scheduled for another  friend's retirement party that I couldn't ignore.  Would you believe I made both functions and was back home by 9pm.  Talk about feeling like Cinderella with a time clock  deadline looming ever closer, I just wasn't wearing any glass slippers, TG!  
Both gatherings were enjoyable and seemed like the best possible medicine for me.   After getting home, while finishing packing up what was needed for the Guild's Saturday Meetig/AM trip, I watched the Olympics and managed to get my Block of the month done too.  Boy, that's when I remembered how nice it is to sit and sew, to  sit and eat, to actually just sit and drink, ahhhhhh making the time,  pure Heaven. 

 It so enjoyable to watch many of the races and events of the Olympics but I really love seeing the opening ceremonies for the Olympics with all the pomp and circumstance.  Wonderful to see the parade of nations with all of these talented and very focused atheletes shown with such  Joy, Pride and Hopefull Expectations etched on their faces.  (See how I used my theme word of FOCUS in there, lol).  This year's Olympics regalia seemed like one of  the best done yet.  Each year the sponsoring country always impresses me with their hospitality and pride of their nation.   Did you see the technology used while Russia presented their history.  It was so beautifully done and I was just awestruck.   

Which brings me to this AM and arising at 4:15 (uh-hum,  I still am not a morning person so it takes me awhile to wake up) that way I'd be ready to ride at 6:15 with a friend driving so we could travel to Glens Falls for our quilt guild meeting.  That's where I connected with even some more friends.  Another slot of time spent nicely and was enjoyable.  
After the meeting we stayed for a community service sewathon where with the neutrals Gina provided and the the guild had colorful sets of 2 1/2"wide  strips WOF in subsets of 36 strips to make our quilts we all worked as teams to construct some community project quilts.   Here's the link at All People quilt with the pattern, Skinny Strips that we used.    I've had that pattern printed out to actually make myself at some point so today's QAL was a win win for me, helping out and giving while tryng a pattern I've wanted to make for awhile now.    Great day.

Since it's a little over 2 hours to get there we headed out early enough to get back home at a reasonable hour.    DH fixed an enjoyable meal of Caprese Chicken with a spinach side dish, then we got settled in to watch more of the Olympics this evening.    So that's a snap shot of a 24 hour time slot, and I wonder why I feeling so stretched???    NO WONDER!  Slow down Janey, just breath or is it those reeving up steroids pumping me up again?     Yee gads, I'll be glad when my normal returns.

A big Congratulatioins goes out to Sage Kotsenburg for a great run!  Yippee!!

Now as for my creativity, that really slid into a corner somewhere.  I need to find which corner it's hidden in as well as my creativity Mojo to start getting some projects worked on.  I did just place an order through Red Rock Threads for some necessary thread to finish quilting those quilts from the quilt show that haven't been finished yet and will be venturing forth after they arrive.
Hopefully, as I get more energy, I'll be back to share what I'll be doing on a more regular basis.  (I have been such a huge slacker lately.)
As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment or two.  My apologies for not replying induividually to you as I like to do, beside time and commitment issues, my computer has had some issues as well  and I truly can only manage one thing at a time lately.  Nice to be back.

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