Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine project


Just making the kit for the Valentine wall hanging kit I recently received from My Yellow Farmhouse. I really love her photos and the projects she shares as well as recipes.  One I recently tried, the cheesy chicken casserole was  pure comfort food and perfect with our sick granddaughter fighting her flu-going on now into  2 1/2 weeks.   

Other bits happening and I'm thrilled to share is that one more block is done for the Lil Miss Shabby  BOM from two years ago is stitched.  This block is my own  design with a birdbath and a few early summer flowers about it.  That makes only one left to stitch.  Am thinking of designing this last block too.  Time will tell.

Another happy note is the Santa with reindeer cross stitch stitched several months ago is also totally done.   I vacillated on how to finish this and then remembered "finished is better than perfect" so I stopped procrastinating and finished it with what I had on hand. 

Used both silver and gold colored jingle bells for that festive touch with cords & trims to match. 

Not perfect but not bad either.  I'm happy it's done. 

As for quilting, not a lot going on in that domain lately.  Only time I've been at the machine is to make a BOM for the guild I belong too or necessary mending.  That little bit of time reminding me how much I like to sew, that I want to get in there more to get in my zen mode while stitching. 

Of another happy note, DH was notified that he can get his driver's license back  after his heart issues from almost 3 years ago.  So I'm grateful he can get to his own needs and removes the chauffeur cap from my head for that.  But I am concerned as well as he is with the possible risks if he has another episode while driving.  No pressure from me for him to embrace in either direction, I know I won't be riding with him and PGD#1 said she doesn't want to ride with him either.  So I will protect her and keep us safe.  But we  also need to discuss concerns with my children and what their level of comfort  is about it.    Here too, time will tell.



Carol said...

Oh, your little cross stitch finish sure looks perfect to me, Jane! Well done :) And I like the chubby bird taking a bath, too--very cute design that you came up with!

Hope all goes well with your husband and the driving--I know that must be a constant concern...

Stay warm--I hear you're getting some more snow today!

Anonymous said...

Love that Valentine project. I looked at the Birdie block and thought, "I don't remember that one," then I read you designed it yourself. It's so cute! Would you consider sharing the pattern?

Joan said...

Love your little Santa... looks so cure. I look forward to seeing more of your Valentines project too... I sincerely hope all goes well with you and your family regarding your DH driving.