Friday, October 3, 2014

Football games, youngest grands here.....

So much for posting once a month!  What's that they say against the best laid plans?   Well of of my blogging plans were thrown out somewhere and I've had all I can do to keep up.  Since the last post DH and I have had more Doctors appointments, heart work ups for him (another catherization) and surgery for myself.  The gardens are being closed up and finished up until next year and there's yet more to get done for them.  Landscape blocks laid around the perimeter being one item, etc....

So I'll give some bits that happened through our summer.

PGS#2 had Prom with his beautiful girlfriend, Kayla.
Josh and Kayla May 2014

PGD#1  and family went to Disney- Of course they had to let her be a princess 2014 they all enjoyed themselves immensely.

PGS#1 received 2 awards at school in June and we were able to get to Mass for it.  :)

Youngest grandson, PGS#3 graduated preschool with super star and a more serious photo of him in the center,
way to go, lil' guy

the whole family attended the ceremony


Husband and his two sisters at a nephew's graduation party

grand daughter acting silly with her favortie 'spaghettios"

First time fishing for each of them and they each caught 7 fish!
A great time and a picnic near Lake Champlain

Our maple tree is glorious!

DH at one of our favorite spots after a football game near Lake Placid.

Daughter participated in her first race with friends and coworkers. The Muderella in Maine and she had a blast!

It's been a rush and there's so much more.  Sewing and quilting have taken a back seat for a bit but I was able to attend a quilt weekend to attend a Hunter's Star quilt class with a friend, Trudy along with another friend Cathie who did another class and studio time too.  Was able to have fun, sew, and make new friends, (Elsie and a few others) so was a very nice "me" time spent in September.   : )   Will be sharing that project on another day. 


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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous summer grouping. You can't beat family times, so it's okay that other things take a backseat. What's more important, blogging about life, or living it? =) I do look forward to seeing the post about your Hunter's Star when you get around to it.