Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Desires

I hope to progress on several PIGs and UFOs so my focus this month will be to:

1- Quilt Wee Wander Baby Blanket ( no intention declared for this yet, just to have it done and on hand.)  I'm attributing this project as my ALYOF project with Melissa and H20 girl at Fiber of all sorts.
2- Quilt the Horse quilt PGD#1 made for the boy in Nicaragua. Also, I need to cut the binding so she can learn the binding making technique at one of our upcoming sewing sessions. 
3- Quilt and Bind the Community Project quilt for WFQG.
4- Make two stuffed animal quilts for CVQG.

Here are a couple of photos of the group project our CVQG is doing.  Making stuffed animal quilts to give.  These will be going to the Vermont's Children's Hospital in Burlington, VT.   

They are the cutest things you ever did see.  From tiny small to a much larger size, we hope the children these go to will enjoy and love them for years to come, hopefully making their illness plights easier to handle.  I think I might atempt to make a sleeping bag style quilt for one of mine.  There is a frog and a teddy bear  that needs some blankets of love. 

5- Do something for myself, this will be my wild card. 
6- Help PGD#1 finish her pillow she started with the cupcake kids.  Almost done and it is too cute.  She's planning on giving this to her Mom for her Birthday on the 22nd.  Will be done this week!  I'll post and share photos after the finish.
7- Mend the vinyl on my Brother in Law's snap on weather protector for his backhoe.   Hopefully right after I get off this computer.   Edited 11/4- Attempted without success, but now I can cross this one off my list.
8- For Slow stitching Sundays I want need to start another cross stitch project.  Maybe another small one like the recent finish, a Shepherds Bush Christmas fob. 

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desertskyquilts said...

Those really ARE the most adorable things you are sending to Vermont. You and your friends do so much good every year. I love that you put in a project for yourself. We deserve something once in a while. =) Mending the leather backhoe cover? Way above and beyond. He better take you out for a nice dinner somewhere. =) Or buy you fabric, maybe.