Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scraps, a Fat Quarter and a Hunk of Fabric

Yep, that makes me extremely happy.  Some scraps, a fat quarter and a half yard hunk of yellow fabric is how much I've used in the past several days.  ;~)  Doesn't take much to make me happy does it.  LOL!
The yellow patchwork doll blanket is 20" x 16", a perfect doll blanket size.  Many of the floral purple scraps were pulled to unify this quilt and I choose to let them flow in a diagonal design.  Most of these scraps were from an Irish chain colorwash quilt I made around the turn of the century.  Imagine that!  All of these languishing in my scrap basket, it's time to set them free into the world.
For the backing I used some minkee scraps.  It's those bits you cut off around the perimeer and were narrow so I had to piece them with a centered seam.  Now it's a cuddly and very tactile element that's finished.  Of course there is still plenty of that to use.

I forgot how much fun it was doing these smaller projects.  While I was working on them I also had an epiphany.  Considering that recent baby quilt that I finished this past month, the Wee Wander one that I'm not yet sure where it's going, I plan on making a doll blanket out of it's scraps to go with it for the little girl who gets it.    Figure it'll be a beautiful gift a quilt for baby and her dollies.  She'll love her babies with the same blanket "Mommy" had. 
After I meet more of my self-imposed deadlines, I'll get to that - promise!
I did mention this to my Mom and she thought it was a fantastic idea.
Thanks for the endorsement Mom.  (see insanity is a genetic theme with in our family line. lol)

This litlle quilt measures 16 inches square, rather large for that little bee,
but I just know the recipient will have a doll or two that would love to use it  too..

In case you missed the stuffed animal, it's a cute little bee.  So many children scream when a bee buzzes around them that I hope this lil' one will foster kindness and a sense of respect and hopefully even a love toward these creatures, which we all know are a necessity for all of mankind.

It also has embroidered eyes and doesn't have any removeable buttons so it will be safe for any child.

That fabric mentioned is just the amount used up on those stuffed animal and doll quilts I've worked on.  The two yellow and purple quilt combinations are totally done and I'm currently working on the third which is totally scrappy and made up of 2 1/2" squares.  Again making it a comfortable 20" x16" quilt.   

What do you think of this scrappy mess?   I have some dark brown minkee scraps I thought for the baking and perhaps using a bright green for a binding.  There is a frog in my studio that wants a covering.

This past Saturday it was time for our circle of friends quilting group gathering.  Since we got together at a local fire station that has with plenty of space I have to add, 3 items that were pieced and awaiting quilting got layered for that next step, QUILTING.    I also was able to cut binding for all three of these as well as cut up that yellow half yard fabic into 2 1/2" strips so I could humpjump with some of my scraps while doing other projects.  Then before you knew it, I had a doll quilt finished. 

They were:
1-  A fall themed table runner that I utilized the fabric print with some quick borders slapped on.  Thanks Gina for the idea to KISS (keep it simple stupid  silly).
2- The twin size horse quilt for PGD#1's charity quilt for that young man in Nicaragua.
3- A charity quilt double-queen size for my quilt guild in Glens Falls.

I had trouble doing the last one and it may need to get relayered with a wider table set up, we'll see.   Hopefully, I'll get the first two quilted in the next week before Thanksgiving so there will be some easy hand stitching around while I finish the binding especially while we have family and friends stopping by for the Holiday. 


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Anonymous said...

A fire station! What a great idea. I've never heard of anyone meeting there before. Love your projects and I must be insane, too, 'cause I think making a doll quilt that goes with a baby quilt is a super idea!