Friday, December 12, 2014

Horse Quilt- CHECK!

It's done.  The finishing touches being stitched by PGD#1 on the quilt she's making for the 10 year old boy in Nicaragua. 
She sewed on most of the binding and finished it by machine stitching a new to her stitch- the buttonhole stitch, Bernina's #45.   The binding was sewn on the back and then flipped over the edge to top stitch and catch it on the front. 

Looks great Honey.

It was finished with 24 hours to spare.  The Cupcake Kids, the group name of our younger members guild of our local guild were to be the night's program for the December's Christmas meeting.  Of course with that snow storm coming through our region, the meeting was cancelled.
Here she is showing her grandfather the completed quilt on Tuesday afternoon after school.

Awesome Job Kiki!

I did the quilting for her since most of the others in her group sent their quilts out to be quilted, so there's no regrets about me doing it for her.   (I really don't know why I put off chores like this like I do, it went along nicely.)

Just a 1/4" echo stitch was quilted on all the yellow bands, then a large meander on the top horse fabric, the green haddock sides (this fabric I had in my stash for decades!), as well as the bandanna print used on the bottom section.  That bandanna print I had recently purchased to bind a community quilt in October.  It seemed more suitable for this so I used something else to bind that other one.  I tried to "stitch in the ditch around the oval brown band surrounding the centered horse but I got a little off on some of the lines, Oops, oh well it's good enough and its done! 
To finish it off with a bit more quilty detail, a tighter meander was done around the horse using the same colored thread as the rest was quilted.    All pictures are click able for a closer look if you want.  Not perfect but DONE!

An American Eagle printed Fleece was used for the backing and it's seems a perfect choice since this was made in America and going to someone in a South America.   No labels are required per the groups' decision which is fine by me.    I hope the recipient enjoys it for years to come.  Initially we had a crayola panel and  thought it too immature for a 10 year old boy, so we just hope he likes horses.  VBG

Other things going on around here were to revamp the Christmas wreath on the front door.  I deemed it outliving it's purpose as the metallic horns were rusted beyond redeemable.  Took over an hour to remove all the decorations to "fix" and update our look.  Some of the older red berry cluster were ravaged by feathers or fur, not sure which, but they are all gone.

Last week Michael had 50% off all their floral pics and holiday fixings besides some additional incentives so DH and I made out rather well.  Purchased a bunch and remade our front door wreath.  All the extra cream/gold poinsettias are going back with the crystal branches that were rejected.  Here's the finished project a totally new look.  DH being an old farmer mentioned he doesn't care for the udder thingy hanging down but I like it so it's staying.

School was closed two, I mean TWO days this week.  Talking with my Mom she mentioned that she hopes I keep my sanity and I didn't know what she was talking about.  LOL  Anytime the youngest two got restless and started any horse play, you could hear me say take it OUTSIDE.  and they did.  Were out a couple of times  in a couple hour stretches. 

Yeah Meme!  Your a smart one, tire em out and enjoy a respite to boot.  Not too long after being outside, the littlest one came to the door and said, do you want to see me climb my tower?  Of course I said yes.  Next thing I knew there he was 25-30 feet in the tree. 

"You get down, you're too high", yep and then I said it, "you're going to fall down". 

Guess what.  Two steps down on 2 tree branches then he crashed through all the boughs to the ground.  Thank goodness he was well padded had a softer landing with all the snow and didn't land straddling a tree branch along the way . 

So it ended well.  I shared the story with our daughter when she stopped to get the children after work, and she was amazed that we let them do that.  What did I tell her, "Well Sometimes you just have to let children be children".
Then giggled. 


desertskyquilts said...

That really IS an awesome job! Thanks for the binding stitch idea. I hate binding. =) The boy in Nigeria will love this quilt, and it will keep him so warm. Looks like Christmas at your house.

Carol said...

Wow--your granddaughter's quilt turned out great! The little boy in Nicaragua will love it :)

I had to laugh when I saw your wreath, because the one on my front door looks very similar and I just told someone I was going to take it apart after the holidays and do a big revamp! I have the same horns and berries and they really are looking "old"! Will buy some things to freshen it up this week :) Ha ha--loved the "udder" comment!!

Merry Christmas, Jane!