Monday, January 12, 2015

January's peek

Here's a peek at what I've been up to.  Sorting, merging, and purging.  One huge basket  and one smaller one cleaned out and all sorted by mostly color.   Some day I'll share how I keep all these scraps in order.

The  RBSC color this month is blue so hopefully I'll be focusing on a table runner that I thought  of  this afternoon before the Meme Taxi runs into town for Grandchildren's activities and an errand for a pair of trammel points, (there's another table mat I want to get off the PIG pile).

As for my slow Stitching Sundays, that (Lizzie Kate Winter Alphabet counted cross stitch) project just reached an impasse.  I messed up counting my threads on the framing around the  letter V so was actually un-stitching them when the threads broke.  DO you know how hard it is to remember the actual sequence of the stitching you've done?   I had one of those Ah ha moments while making my tea this AM, and know that I can cut out all those stitches out around that frame instead of ripping out the wrong ones.  I think it would be a lot quicker for me and then I 'll correctly stitch it the whole thing.



Carol said...

Oh, just look at those piles of scraps!! How I wish I had a stash like yours to use in my little pillow finishes, Jane :) Your Winter Alphabet is looking so cute--I'm sure you will be back on track very soon!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, maybe I should contact Carol about taking some of my ever-expanding scrap pile. =) Looks like you made lots of progress in organizing yours. I look forward to seeing your tips.